Join Our #GuruGang! 13 Reasons Why Being a Style Guru is #RAD!

Summer internship season is right around the corner! Instead of being stuck in a fashion closet detangling necklaces 40 hours a week or taking a meaningless position in your hometown, why not find your voice, bolster your skill set and join the CollegeFashionista team?! CollegeFashionista is currently accepting applications for their summer internship!

Our Style Gurus are rockstar collegiate influencers who snap photos, write articles obsess over social media, share their unique perspectives and bring CollegeFashionista offline. They are a community, network and voice of their generation. Even better? You can intern from anywhere around the world!

Aren’t convinced yet? Here are 13 reasons you are going to want to apply to be a Style Guru and join our #GuruGang like stat!!

You get to create and share your voice and point of view about fashion…

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Photo via @kaycaden…

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Photo via @annavcoke


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…and just all the greatness of college life. (Yes, that includes caffeine binges…

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…and late-night food fests).

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You also get to improve your photography skills!

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Photo via @sof.rodriguez

And get serious career advice through webinars, exclusive interviews and our own podcast!

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But perhaps the number one reason being a Style Guru with CollegeFashionista is so #RAD? You get the be part of our #GuruGang!

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You will make lasting connections with like-minded influencers on your campus and around the world!

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Get empowered to inspire! Apply now for our summer Style Guru internship and get excited to be a part of our #GuruGang!

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