Authenticity: Introducing Our January Mood Board and Spotify Playlist

Authenticity: Introducing Our January Mood Board and Spotify Playlist

Our resolution? Be authentically you. We’re taking time to remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all way to express yourself. So as we enter yet another rotation around the sun, forget about ascribing to other people’s standards, and embrace yourself fully. January’s mood board theme is “Authenticity,” and we’re turning up our commitment to pursuing our dreams to 150% and deepening our personal values for these next 365 days. So who’s in?

To set the tone, we co-curated a new Spotify playlist with our CF community to soundtrack the month ahead,. Featuring empowering female artists like Solange and Kehlani along with stay-true-to-you anthems like Alessia Cara’s “My Song” and Lorde’s “400 Lux,” we’re getting in the mood to show the world what we’re made of.

Plus, all month long, we’ll be posting our favorite follower-submitted images that fit with our “Authenticity” aesthetic (think of sky blue, silver, and hints of black and white). Tag your photos on Instagram with @cfashionista and #cfmoodboard to participate, and show us what makes you, well, YOU.

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