IT'S ALL IN THE DETAILS: Tye-Dying it All Together

The weather says it will be 40 and sunny, but we wake up to find a snow-covered campus right before our eyes. I’d be lying if I said I was shocked; we do live in Wisconsin, after all. Although it may not officially be spring yet, that doesn’t mean some of us Fashionistas/os haven’t been thinking about the days when we no longer have to wear everything in the coat closet just to stay warm and can break out some fun, vibrant spring patterns. This week’s Fashionista has opted to take a stylistic and unique approach to the bright tie-dye look you typically associate with bright summer days and 70-degree weather. However, with a sophisticated approach and a few pops of different red hues she has perfected a look that allows her to transition easily from one season to the next; swapping up a piece or two here and there to add a few of her favorite seasonal staples.

Starting with a black canvas, it is easy to have the urge to add much more than is truly necessary. This Fashionista chose to start with a statement piece by grabbing an incredibly well suited jacket. The two-tone, black and white dye creates a very exquisite pattern, and one that resembles a tie-dye effect. An asymmetrical front and tailored fit up top, this piece gives her a great shape when paired with a pair of simple skinny jeans.

Unfortunately since there are still piles of snow, *wipes tear from eye* this Fashionista channeled the color of the year and grabbed a pair of marsala colored kicks. The color is simple, yet the suede and leather combo offer a unique detail to a fairly basic shoe. By utilizing different textures and fabrics it helps create a little more depth when dealing with a solid colored garment. Plus, it’s always fun to add a few more textures and fabrics into your outfits! Continuing with a little added red, she elected for a simple metal-rimmed spectacle that helps brighten up her face and creates a lovely contrast to her impeccable complexion. Topping it all off, (quite literally) she left the pom-poms and ear flaps at home to keep it simple with a mixed black and white beanie; it’s not too over the top or distracting, but adds a little something extra for when you have that spring fever, even if Mother Nature has a different plan.

How To: With spring right around the corner and all of us getting sick of our winter wardrobe, we are all getting eager to break out our spring dresses and bright floral prints…perhaps just a bit too soon. You can still do some spring shopping of your own and begin to add a few lively pieces to what you have. It is all about experimenting with different fabrics textures and try adding little pops of color to keep the winter blues away for just a little bit longer!