I Interned for a Celebrity Stylist—Here's What I Learned

This summer I interned with a celebrity stylist, and I couldn’t have been more grateful for the experience. I was taught a handful of things, from perfecting the task of organizing to learning how to personal shop for a client. Surprisingly, I’ve also learned a lot about myself in addition to the art of styling. Below I list some of my most cherished lessons learned.

it's time to let go of sleeping in

Unfortunately, high school summers are behind us. Sleeping in until 2 p.m. isn’t realistic anymore. If you still can, congratulations—I envy you. But, there’s a silver lining to this. Although it feels as if our childhood privileges are slowly being stripped from us, maintaining a consistent sleep schedule actually helped with my transition back into school. More importantly, when we start venturing out into the workforce, there will be no such thing as school breaks and sleeping in.

PHOTO: Lex Kelly

forget what you think you know

We all think we know how fashion internships work, thanks to our favorite fashion movies. But, you learn the most when you let go of your presumptions and keep an open mind. Let go of what you think you know, and you’ll actually learn a whole lot of things you didn’t expect you would.

dress to impress, but also to be comfortable

Two words: sample trafficking. Thanks to this daunting task, I’ve walked dozens of blocks holding layers of heavy garments. Skirts and sneakers were my go-to throughout my summer internship. Looking good and feeling good should be two components in every outfit. Sadly, my summer mules did not make it to the intern-essential section of my closet.

learn something from the other interns

At this time, no one will understand you more than the people you intern with. They are the only ones who experience the same struggles that you do. If that can’t develop some sort of relationship on its own, then try to learn something from them. Granted, we aren’t in this workplace to gossip and drink mimosas all day, but we can certainly learn a thing or two by conversing with them or examining the way they work.

PHOTO: Jordyn Wissert


Think about your experiences—the good, the bad, and the ugly. How did they make you feel? Would you do it again? Personally, working in a privately-owned styling business taught me the interconnectedness between styling, PR, and design. It was truly fascinating to be able to experience, on an intimate level, the process of styling from start to finish. I don’t think I would’ve gotten the same hands-on exposure in a corporate setting.

I can confidently say that my styling internship has reinforced my love for fashion and I certainly cannot wait to see what the future holds. What did you learn during your summer internship? Let me know in the comments below! 

Featured photo by Anna Coke.