How to Incorporate Lingerie into Your Outfit

It’s now August and almost fall, though the hot weather still continues. It’s too hot to dress up, but I still want my outfit to stand out and not look too simple. During these hot summer days, I like to incorporate lingerie into my outfit. Wearing lingerie as an outfit staple is not a new trend. People have worn lace bralettes, lace bodysuits, and slip dresses in recent years. Since the phrase “free the nipple” is thrown around frequently, more women feel comfortable wearing no bras in public. A lot of models and celebrities started to show up in front of cameras wearing lingerie. Since then, women’s clothing stores sell a variety of lingerie that you can wear outside.

I personally love wearing lingerie as part of my outfit, however, I am not confident about my body and feel uncomfortable showing too much. For people like me, I recommend wearing a camisole with some lace. It’s not too different from actual clothes, and the lace and satin material will dress you up. Lingerie stores and even vintage shops have a variety of camisole with lace in different colors. H&M also has a cute camisole with lace at an affordable price, and the dark gold color gives you a mature look. This black silk camisole with lace from Revolve is a really useful piece too because you can never go wrong with black. In order to not look too sexy during the daytime, I would match this camisole with jeans or oversize casual pants.

I chose gray for my outfit because it will not look too sexy or inappropriate during the daytime. My camisole is from Victoria’s Secret, and I matched it with black jeans for a casual look. I also like finding cute vintage lingerie at vintage shops. It’s fun and cheap, and you can find unique pieces that no one else has. Lily Ashwell has a vintage-inspired camisole with lace in gray.

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