IN HER SPACE: Julia Daoud, DePaul University

In a school of thousands and the hustle and bustle of any campus, big or small, your dorm room becomes your personal sanctuary. Sure, it also is your place to pull all-nighters, catch up on episodes of The Bachelor with your roomie and sleep in until 2 p.m. on the weekends. But, perhaps more importantly, it is your place for “me time.”

Julia Daoud, a DePaul University Style Guru, may have three roommates in her Chicago apartment, but her room is all Julia. From her simple color palette to the inspirational quotes and art, simply by stepping in her space you know you have entered a true Fashionista’s domain.

We got a tour of Julia’s Chicago pad and caught up over tea as she discussed her apartment style, biggest fashion splurge and more!
CollegeFashionista: What are your essential apartment pieces?

Julia Daoud: My number one apartment essential are candles. I love candles and will always have at least one lit whenever I’m home.

CF: If you can have an apartment in any other city, where would it be and why?

JD: If I could have an apartment in any other city, it would have to be New York. I love the hustle and bustle of the city and the feeling that you are completely in charge of who you are and who you want to be.

CF: How would you describe your apartment style?

JD: My apartment style I would say is simple and city-like. We have high ceilings, white walls and hardwood floors with large windows and I love how you can catch a glimpse of the skyline. 

CF: What is you best budget find? What is your biggest splurge?

JD: My best and favorite “budget” find is definitely my YSL black croc print shoulder bag. I won’t drop any numbers but it is amazing what you can find at a good consignment store! My biggest splurge was on my 3.1 Phillip Lim heels and I couldn’t be happier about a splurge. Best part is that I found them on sale! 

CF: How do you and your roommates’ style differ? How do you make it all work in a cohesive manner?

JD: My three roommates and I all have very different styles. My closet palette consists mostly of black, grays and whites so if I ever need a splash of color, I have three other closets to choose from. When they need a more simple attire, they come shop in my closet! It works out pretty well! 

CF: What are some things you can’t live without in your living space?

JD: I make these picture collages that I call my life boards. I find around 20 photos of inspiration and photos of things I want to achieve in life. When I look at the board and am no longer excited about the photos, it means that my subconscious has gotten comfortable so then I make a new one. Eventually you make one that will reflect your current lifestyle and values.

CF: How does your personal style impact your interior design taste?
JD: My personal style is very simple and timeless and I would say my room reflects that as well. My walls are minimally decorated and my bed is black and white just like my closet. I have a white dainty curtain over my window that adds a “pretty” touch to my room. My desk space is my favorite for it adds a little chic touch as well. There are of course so many luxury additions I would love to add, but then again, I am still a college student!