How To Wear Millennial Pink and Not Look Like Every Other Millennial

Millennial pink is a buzzy color that’s been popular throughout the Tumblr age. Trendy in its subtle hues and ability to lend itself to “totally aesthetic” design, this pink shade isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Especially with the abundance of think pieces from major fashion and news outlets announcing that it continues to thrive well into 2017, it’s time to start thinking about how the Millennial generation is sporting the trend today.

It’s likely a couple of Millennial pink pieces or maybe an accessory or two have found their way into your wardrobe by now. However, making a statement when your color of choice is at the height of popularity can be tough. But diversifying your rosy look can come from subtle changes and additions to pre-existing pieces. You’ve invested in these bright and fun trend pieces—why not make this trend last as the prophets in media have foretold?

Check out how Style Gurus are styling their pink looks on the #StyleGuruLove tag and take a page from their books on how to make the trend yours!

1—Don’t let just one piece speak for itself, throw together the ultimate look by wearing multiple shades of pink and incorporating different fabrics. Break up a pair of sparkly hot pink boots and a cropped dusty rose sweater with some classic black jeans. (Photo via @amandaskrabucha)

2—Take the trend to your eyewear! Tinted sunglasses recall late styles from the late ’90s while mixing today’s pink trend effortlessly. (Photo via @lapresqueparisienne)

3—Make a light pink dress more romantic and Cher Horowitz-inspired by layering it on top of a plain white T-shirt. Mixing vintage trends with current ones create perfectly balanced looks. (Photo via @kierraxmakayla)

4—Make up always adds something extra to any outfit—an all-pink eyelid is not only trendy, but just fun. Blocked out eyeshadow looks great with a neutral outfit, and definitely is a daring take on tried and true pink hues. (Photo via @nicoleakerman)

5—Not sure how to recycle your pink tops and revitalize them? Mix your pastels for a spring look that is both fresh and fierce. (Photo via @taylormackenzieh)

6—Pink isn’t just reserved for casual wear—incorporate Millennial Pink into your professional attire with pink slacks or trousers. This sartorial choice will take your workplace wardrobe to a whole new level of eye-catching! (Photo via @shelbyshowell)

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