Everything You Need to Know to Stay Up to Date with New York Fashion Week

February 10th, 2022 at 5:51pm
Everything You Need to Know to Stay Up to Date with New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is fast approaching, mark your calendars for Feb. 11-16! For those lucky enough to attend fashion week in person, I’m certainly jealous! But, if you haven’t been able to snag a ticket to the hottest shows — or if you don’t live in New York — don’t fret. You can still stream the shows online and tune in via social media.

Last year, I was lucky enough to attend the Pyer Moss Haute Couture show in New York. It was an experience I’ll never forget. Later in the summer, I attended the CULT of Individuality X HVMAN fashion show which was a different environment but just as exciting! 

Since I’m a fashion student who doesn’t currently live in New York, when fashion week rolled around in the fall, I was streaming the shows (and freelance writing about them)! Keeping up with the schedule can be intense, but so worth it and I’m excited to tune in again this year via the internet from my little apartment in Louisiana.

If you’re like me, and want front row access to fashion week without leaving your apartment, then we’ve got all of the details for staying up to date. Here’s exactly how to watch New York Fashion week — yep, even from your couch.

The NYFW Schedule Begins on Feb. 11 and Goes to Feb. 16

Fashion week is the busiest time of the season, with in-person shows and digital releases. Due to the pandemic, some designers have backed out of their fall-winter shows. Designer Tom Ford called off his show during fashion week and plans to virtually show his collection later this year. However, there are still many big names showing during NYFW like Carolina Herrera, Telfar, and Christian Cowan — just to name a few. 

The CFDA Fashion Calendar is your one stop shop for fashion week schedules. It gives you a list of the shows each day and the time they’ll be happening. The calendar also includes a digital release schedule at the bottom for those watching on their screens like me. 

How to Stream the Shows

NYFW.com and Runway360.com will live stream shows throughout fashion week for free. Make sure to set up your respective accounts now so you’re ready to stream when the shows start! 

Check out designers’ personal social media and YouTube accounts for streaming opportunities, too. You can also follow popular fashion brands as some of them livestream the shows straight from social media and post them in full afterwards. 

Social Media Accounts to Follow

Other than following the designers and the fashion companies on social media, there’s some great fashion creators you can follow for NYFW updates as well. 

For front row updates and timely check-ins, I recommend keeping your eye on fashion journalists and editors attending fashion week. My favorites to follow on Twitter include the New York Times Fashion Director, Vanessa Friedman, Founder of The Zoe Report and stylist, Rachel Zoe, and the Senior Fashion Writer at The Cut, Emilia Petrarca

There’s also a wealth of fashion influencers attending fashion week that you can keep up with. I always make sure to stalk Devon Lee Carlson, Lexie Jayy, and  Kate Bartlett on Instagram throughout the week. 

Fashion TikTok will be your best friend during fashion week. I love seeing content from TikToker, Charles Gross, the Digital Creative Director of Cosmopolitan, Abigail Silverman, and of course model, Wisdom Kaye. Even if you can’t make it to the shows in New York, you can still live vicariously through your favorite fashion influencers and their front row seats.

Websites to Bookmark to Stay in the Know 

Besides the aforementioned CFDA.com, NYFW.com, and Runway360.com, here are some other websites and apps you’ll want to check frequently during NYFW.

Make sure to stay up to date with fashion critics and journalists as they frequently publish articles during fashion week. Vogue, WWD, and The New York Times’ fashion sections are my favorite websites to check for amazing, up-to-date fashion coverage. I also love checking the Vogue Runway app. It’s great for looking at collections from multiple designers and reading reviews. You can also save looks and create your own style boards, which — pro tip — is a great way to monitor upcoming trends!

Finally, make sure to follow College Fashionista on all social media platforms and continue to check the website for new articles and fashion content!

You can enjoy NYFW no matter where you are in the world. The excitement of fashion week is felt whether your front row at a show or chilling and watching from your bedroom. Personally, I’ll be dressing up and watching from home. No matter how you watch, you’ll be fabulous while you do it. 

Feature photo by Duane Mendes from Pexels.