How-To Capture The Perfect OOTD Pic For Instagram

Perhaps it’s your “hey it’s a new semester” look; or you snagged a killer new jacket or pair of shoes during the post-holiday sales. What’s a Fashionista/o to do in these “tricky” situations? You can’t possibly let an Insta-worthy OOTD go to waste, can you?
It’s easy to think that capturing your outfit is a quick and simple task. However, I like to imagine that this is a great opportunity for you to explore the various ways your camera or phone can work its magic.
So before you snap another mirror selfie and call it a day, think bigger. From detailed shots to capturing the whole shabang, check out these vital and easy ways to spice up your social media game so that your followers and friends can appreciate all the work you put into making your look as awesome as it is.
1. Pick a signature pose. This will make you stand out from other OOTD takers and make your Instagram feed more consistent. (Photo via @florencialuna_)
2. Pick a cute background. Whether it’s colorful artwork or a simple brick wall, choosing the perfect background will set the tone of your outfit and make it stand out. (Photo via @leanarae)
3. Take a seat. Grab a friend and have him/her take a photo of your look from a lower angle to help elongate your legs and show more of the entire outfit. (Photo via @brisaamarr)
4. #GirlPower pose. Sometimes, all you need is that extra boost of confidence to make your outfit shine all the more. (Photo via @iammasima)
5. Two is better than one. Get you and your #GuruGang to pose in a double OOTD because the more, the merrier! Bonus points if you can capture the look while walking. (Photo via @jennafishelberg)
6. The Blogger Combo. One foot in front of the other + candidly look down= the blogger stance. Ten out of ten recommended for those who may be a little bit more camera-shy. (Photo via @ellyleavitt)
7. Get the details. If you’ve copped yourself a great pair of new shoes, let them have their moment by laying down and throwing your legs up in the air. Because that’s totally natural, right? (Photo via @norahmurphy)
8. Go back to basics. At the end of the day, a mirror selfie will always do the trick. Just be sure the mirror’s clean! (Photo via @_kysd)
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