Here's How To Support Sustainability Beyond Your Closet

Reformation and Rêve en Vert accepted the challenge of creating clothing lines that were not only stylish, but sustainable and eco-friendly. What was once an uncommon combination became a source for everyday staples and a call to action the fashion industry needed.

But why should making positive choices for the environment stop at your OOTD? Now, the ability to make your dorm or apartment look as well curated as your closet and just as sustainable is now possible. A few passionate companies working with talented local and international artisans have created a new venue for décor shopping that’s better for everyone.

(Photo via @coexvst)

The Citizenry
The brown leather folding chairs, fringe throws, and tweed pillows available here offer a Pinterest dream home vibe to any room. The patterns and colors are simple and are easy to match with furniture and decorations that you may already have. The founders of The Citizenry believe that your home should be reflective of your travels; a process that they and the artisans they work with have perfected.

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Lite + Cycle
Candles are the pinnacle of style and comfort. Their scents can relax and the warm lighting can add an air of coziness. The perfect combination of eco-friendly and chic comes in Lite + Cycle’s vegan, organic candles. The company also offers perfumes for the beauty product lovers. The added bonus being each product is free from harsh chemicals.

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A new brushstroke espresso mug or muted watercolor-painted jewelry dish from Lesouque is a purchase you can’t afford to miss out on. Aside from being ethical and working with a curated list of artisans from around the world, the company focuses on choosing products that they would buy too. Sticking with items that are timeless and versatile, it’s easy to convert one of their Turkish fouta towels from a throw to a beach towel.

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Maryam Montague
If the airy, sunbaked deserts of Arizona inspire you, Maryam Montague’s products will too. Her vibrant tribal prints translate themselves onto dreamy woven carpets and pillows. The bohemian nomadic traveler in you will be delighted.

(Photo via @_isabel_gutierrez_)

Raven + Lily
Linens, candles, chairs, and journals are all pieces in Raven + Lily’s home collection. Although the styles are modern, they pay homage to well loved, worn out pieces that we often hold close. Their focus is to alleviate poverty among women by providing opportunities to create handmade pieces, and use recyclable, sustainable materials

(Photo via @h_nos)

What other brands do you love that support sustainability? Let us know in the comments below so we can check them out!