This Formerly Drab Necessity is Getting a Makeover

So you’re starting a new internship. And all of that is well and good until you get the email that states, “Dress is business casual.” I can guarantee the image in your head is the opposite of anything that you’d actually enjoy wearing five days a week from 9-5 (well longer considering the often sweaty commute to and from the office as well).

The defining feature of this nightmare comes in the form of an ill-fitting blazer in some dull shade of grey or brown with too short of sleeves, too broad of shoulders, and equally-as-tragic matching trousers. For those out there who’ve chosen the path of a career in accounting or law, this ensemble is, for the most part, unavoidable; however, we in the fashion world have a wee bit more wiggle room.

Don’t get me wrong, the general idea of business casual applies in nearly every workplace. If you’re in an office where your immediate supervisor can see you, you still have to look presentable – even more so in fashion. The key difference separating our workplace attire from that of the left-brainers of the world is our allowance to dress creatively. Trousers can be kick flares instead of strictly straight leg and there’s always the option to add a colorful scarf or statement shoe to give your workplace uniform an edge.

As previously mentioned, the blazer can be the icing on top of a very unappetizing cake if done wrong; however, thanks to the recent influx of updated blazers by all our favorite brands, you no longer have to hide from this office essential. All of the negative features listed above have been eliminated. Blazers now come in fresh patterns, unique colors, and various different shapes and sizes. Whether you’ve succumbed to the gingham trend or can’t let go of Millennial Pink, I can guarantee that somewhere out there, there’s a blazer just waiting for you to show off at the office. While they don’t come cheap, if you choose wisely, a great blazer could last you throughout your career.

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ASOS Tailored Linen Blazer in Rose Pink, $64.00, Available at ASOS.

Mango Double Breasted Ramie Blazer in Aqua Green, $119.00, Available at Mango.

H&M Pinstriped Jacket, $49.99, Available at H&M.

Zara Double Breasted Jacket in Yellow, $129.00, Available at Zara.

Oak + Fort Blazer 1159 in Gray Mix, $103.60, Available at Oak + Fort.

H&M Tuxedo Jacket in Burgundy, $59.99, Available at H&M.

ASOS Mansy Suit Blazer with Contrast Stitch, $87.00, Available at ASOS.

Topshop Ella Double Breasted Suit Jacket in Coral, $125.00, Available at Nordstrom.

Farrow Henry Blazer in Gold, $53.99, Available at Need Supply.

Zara Double Breasted Jacket, $89.90, Available at Zara.

Cefinn Stretch Twill Blazer in Red, $291.00, Available at Net-A-Porter.