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This Is Why You Should Wear Whatever The Heck You Want

This Is Why You Should Wear Whatever The Heck You Want

“I like that, but it’s not my style.” How many times are we guilty of brushing off a trend that we actually like just because we don’t feel like it fits into the mold of our personal style? At first, I was pretty hesitant toward the “athleisure” trend because I saw myself as a minimalistic girl. Sometimes I’m reluctant to wear something that may not fit my “look,” instead of settling for the same old, same old style. Even the most fashion savvy out there are guilty of staying in their lane.

But think about this way. Once upon a time, before your signature style was indeed a signature, you tried that look for the very first time. What would have happened if you had simply been “too afraid” to experiment back then? (Cue pre-Goop Gwyneth Paltrow’s movie Sliding Doors montage…)

Trying a new trend doesn’t mean totally abolishing your personal style. No matter if you’re thinking about wearing trendy items like chokers, denim skirts, Adidas sneakers, or blazers, you can still be yourself and show your own voice in any outfit you put on. Personalizing a new trend can show that you know your own style inside and out and can transcend your look in anything you dress in.

Don’t just take my word for it. Someone that I’ve been looking up to in the Instagram world is blogger and fashion designer Chiara Ferragni. Chiara is an established influencer, racking up the likes and wearing her favorite looks to display on her daily Instagram posts. Through a few years of following her, I’ve seen her wear outfits from high fashion brands like Gucci to her own namesake clothing company. I’ll see her rocking everything from a blazer and booties to a ballerina tutu and denim jacket. She is the essence of experimenting with personal style, and I admire her because she pulls them off so effortlessly. No matter what look she’s wearing, I can see the details in her clothing choice that show her creative process. Even without seeing her face sometimes I could tell that it’s her in the outfit, proving that you can show your voice in anything you put on. Chiara’s carefree approach to planning her outfits inspires me because it shows me that I should take more liberties when picking out what I want to put on.

Everyone says that college is the time in your life to try everything out for yourself. I believe that we should translate that message into our personal style, too. Being young means you can pick up a fur coat and wear it with a pair of track pants or even a pair of tight black leather pants and not care if anyone thinks twice about it. Think about yourself this week while you’re going through your closet before classes. Wear something that makes you feel more like “you,” even if it’s not something you’d normally think to wear.

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