How to Dress for Success

Summer is finally here, which means pool parties, road trips, brunch with the gals, and… internships. Scoring a summer internship is exciting stuff, but it is so easy to get overly caught up in what to wear to real-life workplace. Don’t fret—right here is your guide to dress for success by effortlessly putting together a simple-yet-stylish business-casual look.

A Guide to Business-Casual

Let’s start with the basics: what even is business-casual? Think just business. The word “casual” is there as a buffer to lessen the harsh sound of the word “business,” but definitely think business. A lot of the time we’re just students trying to scrape by in the classroom, but learning how to dress for the office is a vital life skill. Knowing how to dress business-casual is needed for interviews, event attire, and future careers after this summer learning experience.

Dissecting the Outfit

First, get your hands on a pair of dress pants you are going to be comfortable in because these are going to be your go-to internship bottoms. Blue jeans are fun, but don’t always qualify here. Dress pants are the way to go, and just look at how cute they are on this Fashionista! Don’t be afraid, you can rock ’em too.

If you were thinking of going with a nice skirt, totally go for it, but just make sure it is an appropriate length. The last thing you want is to get dress-coded by your supervisor because your skirt is too short. That is why dress pants are the perfect go-to. Next, go and find yourself a bunch of stylish blouses. These are perfect for the workplace, and they can be cute for outside the office too. Stocking up and getting many different styles is going to be your best bet, so you can create a plethora of fashionable outfits to wear to your internship.

Don't stress over shoes.

A pair of nude, chunky heels like this fashionista is wearing are perfect. We are loving the ankle straps and neutral color which keeps them appropriate for the work environment. Going off of that, make sure your heels are not too high. If you would wear them to the club, they are probably NOT meant for the office. Think more professional. A fun pair of flats can absolutely work too.

A great bonus to this look is the Fashionista’s functional handbag. She can carry all her extra necessities and look fabulous while doing it. Now that is how you achieve success!

I hope this inspired your internship-look brainstorming. Comment what you love most about this Fashionista’s look, and then show us your own on Instagram so we can tell you what we love about it! Tag us at @CFashionista. Dress for success and slay your internships, ladies!