6 Wet Hair Looks For People Who Are Over Dry Shampoo

After trying to wash our hair as little as possible, it seems that we can finally say goodbye to all the dry shampoo. Don’t worry—the latest trend is even easier (if that is possible) and actually more hygienic.

This season it is all about sleek, wet hair that lasts far beyond the time you step foot out of the shower. Not only is this look great for spring, but it is perfect for the busy college student on the go!

So how do you master this look at home? There are many ways this look can be achieved. Unlike many trendy hairstyles, this look can be worn on every hair type and texture. We’re showing you six easy ways to rock this slicked back look!

What You Need:

Mix the oil based product, serum, and styling cream/pomade and work into slightly damp hair to keep the style in place all day. Be sure to look for products that have a shine finish to achieve the ‘wet’ part of the look and always finish with a strong hold, hi shine hairspray to set. As for the length of your hair, you can keep it straight or curly. For tousled texture, use sea salt or add serum to smooth out the ends for a super sleek locks.

Look One

This look gives me old Hollywood glam vibes. First, create a deep side part and begin adding product starting from your part to about the midsection of your ear. Saturate your hair by painting the product on section by section, until each strand is totally saturated. Use a rattail comb to smooth out the hair until desired shape is achieved.

Tip: Use styling clips to hair to hold the shape of style, spray with hairspray, and leave in place to allow to set.

Look Two

It just so happens that all of the Kardashian women always rock the fully slicked back version of this look. Brush all of your hair back and add product making sure to fully saturate your hairline to prevent fly aways.

Tip: Put some product on a toothbrush to brush the fly aways into place at you hair line.

Look Three

Both of the Hadid sisters are always wearing this perfectly symmetrical look. To achieve this look follow the steps for look one but with a middle part, tucking both sides tightly behind your ears.

Look Four

This runway inspired look is an extension of look three. Complete look three and finish by strategically placing bobby pins. The exposed bobby pins add some edge to this sleek look.

Look Five

Being the most worn version of the wet hair look, this is most wearable look for real life. There are many variations to this updo; you can create a bun, top knot, ponytail, braid, etc. depending on how simple or detailed you want to go. To create this look, starting by using looks one, two, or three and finish by securing the length of your hair with your preferred updo.

Look Six

Inspired by Kim Kardashian’s hair at the 2016 MTV VMA’s, this fully saturated style is the easiest to achieve of the looks. You can jump out of the shower let your hair dry about 50 percent and begin adding product throughout the entirety of you hair to keep your hair looking wet. Include the styling cream or pomade when focusing on the top part of your hair and stick to coconut oil and serum for the ends. Make sure you use a scrunching, upward motion to create natural texture.

Are you into the wet hair look? Intimidated? Sound off in the comments below!