Here's Exactly How To Master The No Makeup Look

Everyone lately has been about mastering the perfect makeup look that gives the illusion that you are wearing no makeup at all. Wait, this is kind of counterintuitive, don’t you think? You’re telling me I have to take 17 different steps with a bag full of products all in an attempt to “fool” everyone into thinking I didn’t just spend 30 minutes on my tiptoes hunched over my bathroom sink? No thanks.

Want to know how to master the no makeup look? Simply don’t wear makeup. 

We need to embrace our natural beauty, flaws and all. There is nothing more beautiful than simply being yourself and accepting yourself for who you are! So, take care of yourself, and by that I mean take care of your skin, body, mind, and soul. Welcome yourself with open arms, and be confident. That, my friends, is how you master the no makeup look.

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