How To Do More In Less Time

Summer means endless times to relax, right? Hardly! Our weekdays are spent trying to cram workouts into packed internship and work schedules (and usually failing), while weekends are devoted to running errands, trying to meet our social obligations, and, oh, maybe sleeping as well. No matter how diverse our personal and professional lives may be, 24-hours never seems to satisfy the infamous demands of ‘adulting.’ But at what time do we actually enjoy ourselves? Good question.

Modern life is so overwhelming that when someone says we need to manage our time better, we simply think, “What time?” That’s where we come in. Welcome to “Time Management 101” for the fashionably late. It’s time to clear your sched, and master these six ways to maximize your time. Think: stress less, live more (drops mic).

(Photo via @alliesarachene)

1—Don’t Multi-Task: This is the number one productivity killer. Don’t toggle between checking your email to writing a paper to streaming Netflix. Stick to the old-fashioned art of taking it one step at a time and you’re guaranteed to get more done.

2—Schedule: Keep track of your commitments with daily to-do lists. Not only will they help maintain your sanity, but they’ll have your back through every mind-numbing “what am I forgetting”  moment. Go-getter tip: peep one step further and schedule every hour of your day so you don’t, for instance, spend four hours vaguely working on a few things rather than one hour to cross a specific task off your list. (Photo via @stylezlinz)

3—Unplug: Don’t let your ex’s Instagram notifications distract you from your goals. Take advantage of airplane mode and disconnect from the digital world entirely while working. Digital detoxes are good for your soul and schedule.

4—Say No (When Necessary): Instead of spending the bulk of your time doing things you don’t really want to do, learn how to cut the cord. It’s your life; so commit your time to things that make YOU happy.  (Photo via @rachelmallow)

5—Meditate: Declutter your brain instead of letting your anxious thoughts run and ruin your day. If you’re one to drift off into everyday worries, try making time for meditation so you can enjoy the present. Actually taking 15 minutes in the morning to find calm will keep you more focused and productive during the day.

6—Sleep: Not sleeping breaks your focus and makes it impossible to function optimally. So if you want to make the most of everyday, prioritize your nights and devote at least eight hours to your bed. (Photo via @gabscherer)

What other ways have you found to time manage your life? Let us know in the comments below!