3 Ways To Pull Off The Highlighter Trend Blowing Up On Instagram

Remember the days when highlighting was not even a thought in our makeup routines? Strange to think about, right? What did we do before radiating skin? Gone are the days of makeup companies dropping this mysterious product in our laps with iffy formulas, unclear instructions, and in humdrum gold hues.

Luckily, we live in a world where highlighting is no longer strictly confined to a few golden shades. Highlighters have come a long way since then. And the latest highlighter trend that has the Internet buzzing and blowing up your Instagram feed is the rainbow highlighter. This look is all about creating next level glow. What a time to be alive!

It’s easy to double the true usefulness of the product simply by looking at a colored highlight palettes for the first time. While, yes, the term “rainbow highlighter” is definitely deceiving; this trend isn’t just for music festivals or theme parties. Make every day a reason to shine with this makeup trend. These colors are more versatile than you’d ever expect!

Check out these three looks we created below for inspiration of all kinds.

What you need:

BH Cosmetics Blacklight Highlight Palette, $17 (Similar to ABH Cosmetics’s Moonchild and Aurora palettes, by the way, which go for $40!)

Swatches from left to right: Laser, Kween, On Point, Electra, Strobe, Illusion

Look #1) Rosy Natural

If you’re more of an occasional highlight wearer, and prefer the “no-makeup makeup” kind of glow, this one is for you. Keep the eyes simple with a nude shadow on the lid, a rosy/brown transitional color in the crease, and a lip color that complements your everyday blush. Bronzer to balance out your highlight is optional, but here’s where it gets interesting: Pink or lilac highlight! It adds a lovely rosy glow when sitting next to your blush, and actually looks less artificial than a bright white strobe!

Look #2) The Classic

For the classic kind of Fashionista who likes to let her outfit and accessories do the talking, there’s the ol’ reliable strobe. All colorful palettes come with one of these pearly whites for a reason! They melt flawlessly into the skin, regardless of skin tone, and can even be layered underneath more colorful shades for an extra pop (in case you want extra glow, like Look #3 below). This look features my routine face makeup, no eyeshadow, a classic red lip (Nahz Fur Atoo by Kat Von D), and a very light-handed dust of the ‘Strobe’ color from the highlight palette swatched above.


Look #3) Intergalactic Glam

This last look is what I imagined the second I found out blue highlighters existed! Yes, it was totally necessary to take this photo at night, for the dramatic moonlit effect of course. On the lids and transition area I have a brown and red from Morphe’s 35OM palette, with ‘Central Perk’ by Colourpop in the crease, and just a dab of ‘Galaxy’ blue from Urban Decay’s Moondust palette on the center of the lid. On the lips I have a blackened purple liquid lipstick called ‘Guess’, also by Colourpop. The star, or should I say queen, of this look is ‘Kween’ from the aforementioned highlight palette.

Not as crazy and unrealistic as you thought, right? Don’t be afraid of this trend, Fashionistas. The best part about makeup is that if you don’t like it, you can wash it off and exchange it for another tube of your favorite lipstick!

Take part in this Instagram-worthy trend by sharing your look on Instagram! Don’t forget to tag us your glowing selfie!