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Do This One Thing and Never Have Problems Deciding What to Wear Again

April 24th, 2017 at 2:00am

Have you ever been watching a television show or been scrolling through your Tumblr dashboard when you see an outfit that you have to wear? I’m constantly running into inspirational styles, and I started getting tired of forgetting the ideas that were coming to my head. I hated losing my favorite looks in my Pinterest boards as I kept adding more.

So I decided to do something about it. I started drawing out outfits that I saw from shows, movies, Instagram accounts, magazines, and articles to be sure I’d remember them.

Drawing out my outfits inspires my personal style because I customize it to what I want to wear, even if it’s based off someone else’s look. Since I can’t try on my clothes at all times, it helps that I can quickly jot down ideas in my journal. Since I’m drawing ideas daily, it encourages me to think about potential looks more often. It makes me come up with ideas more frequently!

The reason I draw outfits varies. It can be to make sure my next week’s outfits are planned out in advance so I don’t have to throw clothes all over my room, to emulate a style that my favorite Instagram Blogger wore, to plan out what I’m wearing to an interview, or to just play around with the pieces I already own. I usually only draw outfits using clothes that I already have, but sometimes I’ll feature new pieces that I know I want to buy.

A convenient aspect of using drawing to inspire outfits is that I can envision new pieces that I want to buy in my own wardrobe. If I can’t see a new pair of shoes in at least three different outfits, then I won’t be as likely to buy it. Drawing out looks helps me be sure that I can see myself wearing that new piece, instead of wasting my money on new clothes just because I want them on the spot.

Even though I mainly draw outfits for myself, I’ve thought a lot about how it can help me in the future. One of the best parts about drawing out outfits is that I believe it will one day help me with marketing! I want to work for a clothing company one day in marketing and branding, and one of the first steps involves knowing the clothes of the company you’re working for inside and out. I may not be the next fashion designer, but if I can draw out a few outfits of that season’s collection on paper, it will be very helpful in the event of an impromptu photoshoot!

What do you do to help you stay organized, fashionable, and creative? Let us know in the comments below!