Transition Your Beauty Routine Into Summer With These Simple Swaps

Transition Your Beauty Routine Into Summer With These Simple Swaps

Searching for a new go-to summer makeup routine that’s simple yet flawless? Just a few alterations to your current full-coverage look will transform your face. Fall and winter months tend to focus on richer colors for the eyes, lips, and cheeks. You may even prefer a matte face for those seasons. But with a change in weather, vampy lips and smoky eyes are taking the back seat. Now everyone wants a dewy glow and a fresh face. Don’t sweat it, though. The perfect no-makeup makeup look isn’t as intimidating as it seems, and we have you covered. Below is a low-maintenance routine that doesn’t require too many products or too much time. Keep reading to learn how you can transition your everyday beauty routine just in time for summer.

Swap Moisturizer for a Long-lasting Serum for Summer

Swap Moisturizer for a Long-Lasting Serum

In order to achieve the ultimate glow, use a serum underneath your makeup instead of a typical moisturizer. Nicole Wilcox recommends them because, for her, “moisturizers just don’t have as fast of a result.” She says, “There are also different kinds for different results.” For example, a rosehip oil serum would combat redness while moisturizing. Nicole’s favorite contains collagen and hyrdates, so try Skin Inc.’s Elasticity and Suppleness Collagen Serum ($35).

Replace Foundation with BB Cream for Summer

Replace Foundation with BB Cream

Thick foundations can leave you with a cakey face, which is not ideal for hot summer months. One of Kate Day’s favorite summer makeup products is the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream ($9). “It’s easy to apply and leaves my skin with a nice summery glow,” she says. “I hate the feeling of wearing a heavy foundation on a hot day but this formula is lightweight while still providing a decent amount of coverage.”

Switch Your Setting Powder for a Mineral Veil for Summer

Switch Your Setting Powder for a Mineral Veil

Instead of layering thick powders, keep it light for summer. Alanna Deeble uses the Bare Minerals Original Loose Powder Foundation ($29) because “it’s so quick and adds a little color to my face without looking like I’m wearing anything.” She adds that “it has SPF and keeps my face looking matte throughout a sweaty day.”

Trade a Powder Highlight for Glotion for Summer

Trade a Powder Highlight for Glotion

The Loréal True Match Lumi Glotion ($15) is one of Brittney Hughes’ favorite summer staples. She says, “I like to mix it into foundation, sunscreen, wear alone, or layer under powder highlighter.” An extra tip she suggests is to use it all over the body for the ultimate glow. Brittney sometimes opts to layer powder highlighter on top for a more intense highlight, in which case she uses the Gold Deposit highlighter by MAC. She notes, “Both of those add a natural-looking glow that’s attention-grabbing and ideal for a full face of makeup, but never looks cakey.”

Skip Blending Brushes and Opt for a Multipurpose Product for Summer With Glossier Haloscope

Skip Blending Brushes and Opt for a Multipurpose Product

Utilizing the same product for different parts of the face is a great way to simplify your summer makeup look. Natalie Giesel uses Glossier’s Haloscope in Topaz ($22) almost daily during the summer. She says, “I wear it on my eyelids and cheekbones, and it’s subtle enough to give me a slight summery glow that makes me look like I spent the day on the beach (even though in reality, I’m too busy to actually do that).”

Grab Waterproof Mascara Instead of Falsies for Summer

Grab Waterproof Mascara Instead of Falsies

Summer activities can tend to be wet and nobody wants to have raccoon eyes or a droopy lash. Anna McLaughlin avoids this by using the Blinc Mascara ($26). She says, “I love this product because it encases your eyelashes in little tubes, and when you take it off you just use a little hot water and they slide off.”

Pick Sheer Lipstick Instead of a Thick Liquid Lip for Summer

Pick Sheer Lipstick Instead of a Thick Liquid Lip

For a fresher summer look, opt for a lightweight lipstick. Casey Nalley uses the Mary Kay Semi-Shine Lipstick ($18) in the shade Sunset Peach. She loves it because “it’s the perfect pinky-orange for sunny days.” Casey tends to rock bright colors this season and this product is one of her go-to’s.

How do you change your beauty routine for summer? Share your favorite products with us below!

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