How to Be the Trendy Intern

The time has come to take a break from books, and study the guide to being the trendy intern.

After a long journey of networking, strengthening a resume and cover letter, and applying, it’s time for your internship. Before thinking about what activities will take place on the first day, you must first decide how you will make yourself stand out from the other interns.

Find an inspiration: First, find something that motivates you to bring out your inner #girlboss. While partaking in an internship, you will be taught valuable lessons and skills. Find an inspiration from a book or role model and make it your goal to utilize the professional skills learned and bring them to life.

Perfect pair of pumps: The next step you will need to take is to pick out a perfect pair of heels that speak to you. The heels should be both comfortable yet powerful. One of the biggest components of a 10/10 professional attire are the shoes chosen as the accessory. A powerful pair of pumps that you can easily walk in gives off the impression that this isn’t your first rodeo.

Bag of secrets: Every intern needs to come prepared. Your organization shows the employer that you are ready for business. Make sure you have some sort of tote bag that holds a notebook, pens, planner, and a laptop for the “just in case” moments. Having a tote bag is especially crucial for the first day.

Black and White: Finally, choosing a color palette. My go-to color palette is black and white because it makes me feel most confident. My powerful pumps go hand-in-hand with my pen-striped pencil skirt. The combination of the two colors give a hint of chic design, but not over the top.

It seems overwhelming to perfect your professional look, but with practice comes perfect. To be a successful intern, you not only need to look professional but also you need to act it. Start by asking questions and being observant. Stand in the front as they give you the tour, and smile. A happy face goes a long way.

What was your first day at your first internship like? What was something you learned? Share below in the comment box!