What Happened When I Became a Tourist in My Own Town

The summertime is full of expectations of traveling and exploring near and far, yet sometimes that’s not possible. You can’t always leave the city that you’re in, unfortunately. It’s very easy to assume you’ve seen everything there is as a local in your hometown—at least all of the good stuff. With the gathering of some friends, a camera, and dedicating myself to thinking like a city tourist, my adventure did not disappoint.

After stepping into a café with zero expectations, I discovered unique, bold pieces of artwork. While enjoying a refreshing cup of cold brew and way too many croissants, the art functioned as a conversational piece with friends. Fellow coffee consumers worked in the quiet atmosphere that’s unique to cafés, motivating me to do the same. Because living in the city requires sharing a lot of public spaces, perhaps it won’t be so bad to share.

With more exploring to do, I stumbled upon a thrift shop, something which Richmond city never seems to run out of. I was immediately entranced by all of the records on sale that cost only $1! Its small size is used to the fullest to display a variety of garments, books, music, household supplies, and even bikes. These shops are key to learning more about classics because they always have a variety of genres. Furthermore, they play an important role in supporting local artists by showcasing their works and selling affordable pieces.

Finally, as the heat began taking its toll, I worked my way back home. I didn’t expect to uncover the best hidden gem, Stoplight Gelato Caféto end the most adventurous day. With ranging flavors from Thai curry to strawberry basil—in addition to my personal favorite, ash—they truly made the decision process both delicious and difficult. Supporting small businesses in my city is one of my favorite pastimes, one that I thoroughly encourage. How else could we enjoy delicious sorbet and gelato?

Have you tried being a tourist in your hometown and checking out some local businesses? Let me know in the comments below!