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How These 8 College Students are Making 2017 Their Year

January 10th, 2017 at 2:00am

We are a generation of movers, shakers, and changers. Now being over a week into the New Year, resolutions, dreams, and goals we have set are beginning to take form. Some are simple and meaningful; while others are intricate plans. New Years resolutions aren’t the typical, cheesy lines they used to be; these eight college students are revamping the definition and taking hold of 2017 to make it their best year yet.

Let their hopes for this year inspire your own personal goals. Let us know how you are making 2017 your year on social!

“2017 is the year that I introduce my dreams to reality. As audacious as this might sound, I’m working on getting into law school, interning and jumpstarting my own lifestyle blog within the next 365 days. The key for me is being patient with myself, have confidence in my abilities and trust the journey ahead. Everyone has to start somewhere, and that’s usually the biggest hurdle—starting. But once you hit the ground running on your dreams, it’s hard to stop.”Sadi Adina, Fordham University.

(photo via @sadiadina.j)

“I’m not the type of person to have New Years resolutions because I find them cliché. Rather, I set goals for myself all the time! I think some of the biggest goals I have myself this year are to definitely explore LA more (I go to school an hour from LA), get an internship for the summer, make it a mission to travel to at least 10 countries while I study abroad in Milan, Italy, and finally, my most important goal is to treat my body/skin very kindly.” Jen, Claremont McKenna College.

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“I would say to be happy, to love more, and to empower others every day through what they love, who they love, and how they show love to others.” Jasmine, Boise State University.

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“For me, I’d have to say that my goals include becoming even fitter and working harder at the gym, improving my photography and building a portfolio, improving my Spanish and Japanese skills, and probably landing a good marketing or fashion internship!”Nate, Binghamton University.

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“Mine are more like promises because I’ve been taught to never break those, so they’re easier for me to stick to. I promise not to be reactionary, and think before I do; I promise to not let relations or opportunities slip by based off assumptions; I promise to be myself undeniably and unapologetically in all situations and circumstances; and I promise to show the ones I love how much they mean to me.”Thelma, Prairie View A&M University.

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“One of my goals for this year is to not stress about the little things or worry too much about something that ‘might’ happen. Most of the time it doesn’t end up happening anyway.” Alexa, Cerritos College.

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“This year I plan to recreate my brand—I’m a big believer in “your name is your brand” and I plan on doing this by creating content that not only I find appealing but that others can also enjoy. Social media marketing is something I can see myself pursuing career-wise after I graduate this spring; so I plan to take all the right steps to eventually break into the business side of the fashion industry. Another goal of mine is to step out of my comfort zone, I want to do as much networking as I can, accept every opportunity that comes my way and of course stay true to myself through my journey.”Brenda, William Paterson University.

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“I want to focus more on myself. To be more confident in everything that I do and learn to stand up for myself and the things I believe in.” Tram, Style Guru from Virginia Commonwealth University.

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Whether you’ve written an extensive to-do list, or sent that first email to a potential employer, don’t forget to acknowledge your hard work. The resolutions you’ve set should feel motivational, not binding or overwhelming. Everyone here at CollegeFashionista is rooting for you and your dreams!