How Steve Madden Built a 3 Billion Dollar Business

October 8th, 2020 at 2:51pm
How Steve Madden Built a 3 Billion Dollar Business

Chances are you have a pair of Steve Madden shoes in your closet. But you may not know the story behind the brand and the man who built this hugely successful company. Lucky for you, Steve Madden’s memoir, The Cobbler, is being released on October 13th.

The book tells the inspiring story of Madden’s journey, ultimately showcasing how he is a cobbler, in both the literal and metaphorical meaning of the word. You’ll see how Madden always puts things together, “whether they’re shoes, teams or disjointed pieces of [his] life.” And that problem-solving attitude and ability to persevere through challenging situations is how he built a billion-dollar company. Throughout the memoir, it becomes apparent how therapeutic writing this book must have been for Madden. He details many difficult times in his life, from his struggles with addiction to his time in prison. He accepts his decisions and forgives himself and others, concluding that without these chapters in his life, he wouldn’t be where he is today. His story shows that the journey to the top isn’t always an easy one. But when you surround yourself with an amazing team and have a family to support you, you can (and will!) accomplish anything.

Inspired to read this book ASAP?! A few of our community members received advance copies as part of the first-ever College Fashionista Book Club, so read on to hear what they thought of the book, and don’t forget to pre-order your copy here, today!

“For the past few weeks, I have been spending my nights reading The Cobbler by Steve Madden. It’s crazy to me how much I didn’t know about Steve’s journey and all the battles he has fought throughout his life. I learned so much about Steve and his company. But, I also learned how important it is to follow our dreams and do the things we love. I highly recommend this book to everyone looking for some motivation in their life.”
Montserrat (@montselewin)
“I absolutely loved learning how Steve Madden started his brand with just $1,100 and launched it to multi-billion dollar success. I’m a huge fan of Steve Madden and I’ve owned countless pairs of his designs throughout my life, so it’s incredibly special for me to share this book with you all.”
Arianna (@ariannabaq)
“One of my favorite quotes from the book is, “I put things together – whether they’re shoes, teams or disjointed pieces of my life.” This quote is especially relatable during this time. It can seem difficult to find out how to fix the mistakes you’ve made or how to figure out the goals and the dreams that you want to accomplish. I’ve learned from this story that when you take the time to focus on yourself and look toward your future, you can succeed despite the issues of the past.”
Mariah (@iammariahth)

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