How Nerdy Became this Season's Hottest Fashion Statement

With midterms around the corner, I thought it was about time we mention the nerdy trend that’s taking over fall fashion. For a large portion of the population, glasses are used for utilitarian purposes only (or for that extra boost to make us look and feel smarter).

Despite their rather bad reputation of being essentially oversized magnifying glasses strapped to your face, Fashionistas/os know that being called “four eyes” isn’t half bad when you’ve got killer eyewear on. After all, since when has been being nerdy ever been a bad thing? We “nerds” will be taking over the world someday, so why not start now by dressing the part. If you’re still doubting me, check out how these Fashionistas wore their specs.

For the dark & gloomy look (Photo via @n_agem).


For the minimal look (Photo via @elizagracehuber).


For the ’90s look (Photo via @oteris).


For the vixen look (Photo via @melanycecilia).


For the grungy look (Photo via @h_nos).


For the retro look (Photo via @kelseykeena).


For the chic look (Photo via @sarahdewald).


For the effortless look (Photo via @emilyciavattaa).