How Doing These Simple Things Can Tackle Two Important Resolutions In One

Undoubtedly, fashion is an important part of our lives. However, the industry is the second largest polluter on the world, affecting people, environment, animals, and waters.

The key resolution every Fashionista should put on their list this year is to make conscious shopping choices while supporting sustainable fashion. Sustainable fashion is, ideally, understood through three main aspects: protected environment, healthy working conditions, and smart way of purchasing clothes.

Mindful decisions this year are bound to not only improve one’s personal style but also to make a positive impact on our planet for the upcoming years. Doing the following five things can tackle these two important resolutions in one.

1—Simplify your wardrobe

Stop falling for trends that will not look fashionable in a few months! This endless hunt will kill you (and your wallet!) sooner or later. Instead, focus on finding high-quality and timeless staples that can be stylishly paired with each other in many different ways for many years. In 2017, buy less and wear longer! (Photo via @oteris)

2—Buy clothing from sustainable sources

Do your research and be more critical before you purchase any garments. Find stores, designers, and brands that offer clothing produced in a sustainable way. (Photo via @amandaskrabucha)

3—Shop vintage

Not only you will save money with this resolution, but also you will find that you get the most compliments on your vintage pieces! Most importantly, shopping vintage clothing helps to reduce waste and lessen the impact the fashion industry has on the environment. (Photo via @emilyciavattaa)

4—Invest in fine jewelry pieces

We all know that accessorizing, especially jewelry, can make every look stand out. Don’t be afraid to invest in some fine jewelry pieces that will go with every outfit and last a long time. (Photo via @chimichandrea)

5—Learn to DIY

Are you tired of your old jean jacket? Take a minute to repurpose, DIY, and custom and fall in love with your new jacket again! We promise you, options are endless! (Photo via @stylebymar_ )