HOW DOES SHE DO IT? Katie Sturino on Being an Entrepreneur, Blogger and Famous Dog Momager

Thriving in one role is challenging enough. But simultaneously juggling and achieving success in multiple different careers takes serious dedication, super hero talent and major hustle.

Enter Katie Sturino. Some know her as PR entrepreneur; some may know her as the body positive blogger behind “The 12ish Style.” Many of you probably recognize Katie from her furry companions, Toast, Muppet and Pants. We here at CollegeFashionista know her as the true definition of hard work and a major source of inspiration.

When we caught up with this fashion insider, we obviously had a million questions. Our biggest question—how does she do it all? (And with style and grace to boot!)

We caught up with Katie (and her famous pups) as she discussed the importance of time management, the power of hard work and what she has learned along the way.


CollegeFashionista: You have a successful blog; are the momager to Toast, Muppet and Pants; and have your own PR agency. First of all, do you sleep? 🙂 Second of all, walk us through a typical day. 

Katie Sturino: Ha! I do sleep, but I manage my time very efficiently. I do not have a lot of free time to just chill with friends or go braindead on the internet…I am trying to make more space for that because you need downtime. Every day is different. The only thing that is constant is my morning routine of getting up around 7 and taking the dogs outside. Muppet jumps out of bed as soon as I do and Pants waits on the edge of the bed for me to lift her off…Toast stays buried under the covers and gives me the death stare when I come to her with her collar. We all head to The Elk a few blocks from my house for coffee and dog treats. Then it’s meetings or photoshoots or conference calls or hopefully a few hours to write and respond to emails. I wish I had a better routine. I try and meditate a few times a week at MNDFL and take workout classes as often as I can. 

CF: All of your outlets are really authentic and so “on brand,” how do you keep up and segregate each role? 

KS: I realized recently (and maybe I should have seen this before) that the dog accounts are all different parts of my personality. Toast is a model/diva, Muppet is jealous and a little nuts, and Pants is silly and wishes she lived in Tokyo. Their personalities really do stem from their own behavior but the voice is mine. People always ask why I don’t post 12ish on the dogs accounts more, but I think that people who come to a dogs page to see a cute face don’t want to feel like there is a person behind it pushing an agenda. 


CF: What inspired you to start “The 12ish Style”? 

KS: I was featured on “The Man Repeller” in a story about dressing for your body type and saw all of the positive comments I got about my shape. It was the first time in my life that I didn’t feel like the only curvy girl in the room. It clicked for me that I should be helping other women feel good about their own bodies. 

CF: What is your advice to others look to achieve a body positive attitude in their own life? 

KS: There is some self acceptance that needs to take place—women of every size need to look in the mirror and make peace with themselves. Let it go. Enjoy the beach and stop looking at your thighs wishing they were smaller. I know its easier said than done but women of all sizes are so critical. Its time to put the energy into something more useful and positive. 

CF: What has been your biggest career “pinch me” moment? 

KS: I have been getting recognized recently which has been so crazy! The women who have come up to me have thanked me and told me how amazing it is to see their own body represented in the fashion space. 


CF: What has been your biggest learning experience?

KS: I cannot do everything myself and I am not great at everything. Its about finding what comes naturally and outsourcing those other needs to people who are great at that skill.

CF: What are three things everyone should have in their closet? 

KS: An amazing kaftan for the beach, a great fitting pair of white jeans and a camel colored coat. 


CF: Finish these sentences: “I am always up for…”

KS: Getting ice cream.

CF: “I am never up for…”

KS: Karaoke.

CF: What is your advice for someone looking to create their own brand (either personal brand/blog or company)? 

KS: You need experience first. Because of the few breakout stars that made it without any prior experience, I think there’s a common misconception amongst girls that they should just become a brand straight out of the gate. Working and learning from other people is so vital in shaping your path.