Here's Where You Need to go in NYC When You're Not Stuck at Your Internship

June 15th, 2017 at 2:00am
Here's Where You Need to go in NYC When You're Not Stuck at Your Internship

School’s out, summer is arriving, and you’re finally on your way to New York City to hustle and get a taste of the Real World. While most of your week might be spent in an office or running around the city for your boss, outside of 9-5 it your time to shine!

There’s no doubt that there’s always something to do in the city, but have you ever felt like there’s so much to do that you become completely overwhelmed about it all? Well, worry no more! If you’re into trendy cafés, modern showrooms, and breathtaking views, here’s a few spots you should undoubtedly hit up when you’re in the Big Apple.

1—Happy Bones. There’s almost certainly a coffee shop at every street corner in the city, but nothing compares to Happy Bones when it comes to its unique aesthetic. Happy Bones is the perfect little coffee shop for those of us who adore modern and lowly saturated (mostly black and white) places; perfect for an Instagram photo, am I right? Happy Bones doesn’t have a complex menu with strange flavors either—just a simple latte or cappuccino will do. If you happen to find yourself at this location and you’re not a huge fan of coffee, they also have sweet pastries available.

2—SoHo. Calling all guys and gals who live for shopping and dining at snazzy restaurants: SoHo is the place for you! It’s the one and only place where you can shop for hours upon hours and by the end of the day come back home with far too many shopping bags, which is completely okay. On the lookout for some fresh-looking flat mules? There’s at least six shops for that. Need the perfect white dress for the beach this weekend? You’ll find it in a heartbeat. Apart from the nonstop traffic, SoHo is heaven for shopaholics.

3—Glossier Showroom. Let’s face it: walking around the city with the inevitably polluted air can (and will) damage your skin if you don’t do anything to protect it. The Glossier Showroom is the perfect stop to stock up on their Invisible Shield sunscreen which will keep those UVA/UVB rays from harming your skin, or some Balm Dotcom to maintain smooth lips all day, every day. Plus, you’re free to try out all of their products before making any purchases—hello hydration!

4—Any and all roof decks. Although this location isn’t quite specific, it’s a definite must. There’s quite a few buildings in the city where you can easily access its roof deck, and I can guarantee you’ll want to have that camera ready for some jaw-dropping pictures. Depending on which part of the city you’re in, you’ll get a different view of the skyscrapers, but going onto the roof deck of an Upper East or West Side building is highly recommended.

What are some places in New York City that you think should definitely be visited?  Let me know in the comments below!