HOLE-Y GRAIL—Seven Ways To Tear It Up In Distressed Denim

September 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

What’s thirty shades of blue and majorly torn up? No, not your knees after a failed attempt at cross fit. We’re talking about the most major of all major trends this fall—distressed denim. Whether it is a small sliver at the knee or a pair that looks like it survived went a slasher film, there is a take on this trend for you.

No matter how you slice it (get it?), you must get yourself a pair of distressed denim for fall. Here are seven looks that we are loving to inspire your denim game this season.

1. Florida State University


Photo by Nicole Krauss

2. SUNY Oneonta


Photo by Michelle Bonikos

3. University of Tennessee

jane claire

Photo by Jane Claire

4. University of Colorado


Photo by Emma Elliot

5. Michigan State University


Photo by Cara Jagger

6. High Point University


Photo by Paula Carroll

7. San Francisco State University


Photo by Aimee Richter