Hole in One

Summer fashion has a tendency to evoke gorgeous colors and lightweight fabrics, a comforting combination. Some of my favorite outfits for the season stray away from my more typical black, monochromatic ensembles that I feature in fall and winter. Seeing other Fashionistas strutting in color and unique silhouettes constantly inspires me to change up my wardrobe.

The Fashionista I highlight in this article represents the epitome of summer. On trend by sporting a cropped jumpsuit enhanced by an adorable pair of heeled sandals, this Fashionista is embracing the sun and truly glowing. The jumpsuit displays a seersucker-inspired striped fabric along with a delicate and relaxed bow at the waist. The lack of sleeves and cropped length are convenient benefits that keep the Fashionista cool on especially toasty days. Moreover, this jumpsuit also presents infinite opportunities for accessorizing. To heighten the look, one could add a silk scarf around the neck or ankle, a statement purse for a pop of color, or even a light jacket. Here, this beautiful Fashionista decided to keep her accessories simple and elegant with a couple of silver rings. For example, the bright fuchsia flower she holds definitely exemplifies how well a bold color statement can be done with the jumpsuit. The deep emerald ivy also showcases the outfit and could be used as styling inspiration for this piece as well.

After chatting about her day, I learned that she chose this ensemble especially for a local golf tournament she attended. I would say that her outfit was definitely a hole in one.

Where could you envision yourself wearing this look? Let us know in the comments below!