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Here's What To Wear To Your Next Job Interview, Depending on the Industry

Here's What To Wear To Your Next Job Interview, Depending on the Industry

‘Tis the season in which students all over the nation are frantically typing résumés and updating their LinkedIn accounts in hopes of securing an internship or getting their first j-o-b. Whether it’s your first time applying for a position in the “real world” or you’re a seasoned veteran, one thing that should never be overlooked in the process is what you wear.

While, yes, it may not be the ultimate deciding factor, your outfit truly does make an impact in your overall interview process. How you present yourself through your fashion choices says a lot about you as a person, especially in situations when first impressions are imperative to the process.

To lighten the amount of stress, here are a few different ways you can style your outfit to look both professional and appropriate for the type of job you want. From the fashion industry to tech, each position offers simple, yet unique opportunities to dress to impress and show off some of your awesome personality.

Here’s what we suggest you wear for your interview, based on the industry!

FashionKeep it monochromatic but show off your personal style by accessorizing with one-of-a-kind earrings and a cute purse. (Photo via @thestyleeasel)

Public Relations: This outfit is probably closest to the go-to office look your future boss already wears. (How perfect!) Throw on a blazer and you’ll be hired in no time. (Photo via @doseoffluff)

Journalism: This two-piece set will make you look more put-together without trying so hard. Adding a statement necklace and a pair of nice spectacles completes it! (Photo via @megan_alea)

Business/Tech: A well-fitted pant suit is the ultimate #GirlBoss piece. If it’s still cold where you live, throw on your favorite coat and a pair of pointed heels for extra class. (Photo via @bybrendab)

Start-Up: This outfit has a great balance of professional and casual. The hints of red show boldness which may be an attribute future employers are looking for! (Photo via @kaitlyn_lately)

Social Media/Marketing: This camel colored blazer is an excellent alternative to the usual black or blue ones. Add a nice watch and keep it simple with neutral tones or minimal accessories. (Photo via @phenix_xox)

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