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Here's What a Fashionable College Student Actually Packs For Spring Break

February 22nd, 2017 at 2:00am

As spring break approaches, it may be time to think about how to strategize your packing situation. This past weekend, I headed down south to Florida for a quick trip—a definite change from the usual Toronto weather. I had the difficulty of sifting through my summer clothes, and while longing to bring all of them, I came up with a guide to packing for warm weather when there’s a foot of snow outside.

One of my biggest packing rules is to make sure you have a definitive color palette—it helps make sure you’re not stuck putting together outfits while abroad. I chose to go with a pastel and blue-based wardrobe for the weekend. Check out below how I packed for one of my first spring breaks away from the Great White North.


An obvious must for my trip, I indulged in my want to pack my entire wardrobe and brought along three for the weekend. Bringing a variety of tops and bottoms lets you mix and match on vacation; you never know when you need to take more than one dip a day.


Packing a variety of tops is always a good call. You never know what events could come up—whether you’re hitting the beach, the mall, or even a restaurant. It’s always better to be over-prepared! I brought with me four very different tops that are wearable in any circumstance.

White is a summer staple, so bringing a few options to mix and match is perfect if you’re vacationing in the sun. A plain white T-shirt and tank top are statements even on their own, but they are perfect to layer under jackets or sweaters.


I narrowed my packing down to two of my evergreen shorts—khaki and denim always suit any time or place. Two different cuts is important to add variety to any of the tops you have packed.

Boyfriend jeans are always handy for cooler evenings in warmer places, especially if you need something to transition into when you take off in a cold place and land somewhere tropical.


Dresses are key whether on the side of the pool or hanging out by the bar, they’re fun and easy to pair! I brought both a flowy babydoll dress to throw on over top bathing suits and a black tie-up romper for the beach. If you want no-fuss packing, one-pieces are perfect for you.

And everything in between! 

Making sure you have all the necessities you need on a regular basis can be difficult for a few days away, especially if the climate is different than your current location. I made sure to bring my usual lotions plus sunscreen for extra protection. Other must-haves include any and all glasses you may need, waterproof mascara, a pair of solid headphones, and some good reading.