Here Are The Trends Our Style Guru Prediction Will Be Big Next Season

Fashion Week is all about looking forward into the future and preparing for the new season. Designers have a responsibility to predict what trends their shoppers are dying to see before they even know it. After all, someone had to know that culottes and kitten heels were making a comeback, design them, and put them out in showrooms all before they were “in.”

While I may not have predicted those two to make it big (tbh who would have besides my mom), I do have a couple ideas for what we might see trending when the weather finally warms up and spring rolls in.

Personally, I have a feeling linen is going to be huge. The fabric is light and airy and goes great with the minimalist look that’s been popular for the last couple of seasons. I’m also predicting a lot of warm weather pants, with cut-off shorts falling by the wayside.

Who knows if any of these predictions will come true; but what better way to get excited for the new seasons ahead and wish for warmer weather than to daydream about fashion?

To get a broader look at what young, fashion-minded people are preparing to see this spring and summer, check out these Style Gurus’ fashion predictions.

“I’m seeing lots of white. Especially white shirt dresses. It’s always a trend for summer but I think it will be bigger than ever before!”—Lex Kelly (Photo via @thatchiclex)

I think a trend that is going to be big is color and stripes. For a while, everything became ambiguous and the colors became muted but as there are many changes in society and various movements, I believe that color is coming back!—Shannon Oteris (Photo via @oteris)

“I think there is going to be a lot of fun trousers and some barely-there pants this summer. I think loose trousers and unhemmed straight cut denim will replace skinny jeans when it’s hotter out, and both would be stylish paired with tie crop tops. As for “barely-there” pants, I think a lot of shirts will hit right at the hemline of shorts and only a little bit of fraying will stick out. It’s like the summer equivalent to the fall and winter thigh-high boots and shirt dresses. Some leg will be showing and instead of boots, sandals of course.”—Melissa Epifano (Photo via @melissaepifano).

“I totally think 1980s fashion will make a comeback this summer. Since we are already feeling a wave of nostalgia from “Stranger Things,” I’m thinking velour, fanny packs, and scrunchy galore.”—Cherileigh Co (Photo via @cherileighco).


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