Becoming a Vegan? Check Out These 4 Helpful Tips

October 2nd, 2017 at 1:00am

College is an incredible experience that allows you to explore new interests, meet new people, and discover your true self. This is why I believe college is the best time to try a vegan lifestyle. Are you considering becoming vegan? Here are some tips for first-time vegans that will help your transition be easy, your food be tasty, and your experience be fulfilling.

Be Creative

Vegans cut out meat and animal by-products, like eggs and cheese. Having a vegan diet might take a little while to get used to, but it’s not impossible to stick with. This diet might seem restricting, but there are still several items that vegans can eat, including veggies, fruits, and whole grains, like nuts, beans, and lentils. In fact, a plant-based diet can be a really fun learning experience that gives you the opportunity to explore your creativity and try new food. If you’re having trouble whipping up vegan meals, don’t stress about it. Try buying a few vegan cookbooks or search the web for new recipes to discover which ones you like best.

Plan Ahead

Prioritizing time during college can be a little bit tricky. Most students are constantly on the go and often don’t have a lot of free time. For this reason, I recommend packing tons of vegan snacks with you whenever you go somewhere. The number one ingredient I recommend buying for snacks is hummus—it’s great for snacking! You can dip tomatoes, bell peppers, pretzels—the possibilities are endless. Peanut butter and raisins on celery sticks, or commonly known as Ants on a Log, is another delicious snack that will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth. Preparing snacks in advance will help you avoid the temptation of buying quick, non-vegan food while you’re on the go.


PHOTO: Rachel Zuckerberg

Make Connections

There’s a large community of vegans in the world. Research if there are any vegan or health-related organizations on your campus, and join them! Not only will you be making new friends, but you’ll also have a great support system during your journey.

Stay Motivated

Being vegan, for any period of time, is definitely something to feel proud of because cutting out certain food from your lifestyle is a difficult thing to do. For this reason, it’s important to make sure to remind yourself of how awesome you are for making a healthy adjustment to your life. If you eventually decide that being vegan is just not the right lifestyle for you, that is totally fine. A vegan lifestyle is not for everyone, but at least you gained a beautiful learning experience and made new friends along the way.

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Featured photo by Rachel Zuckerberg.


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