5 Habits You Need for a Healthy Lifestyle

5 Habits You Need for a Healthy Lifestyle

Syllabus week is over, classes have started, deadlines are approaching, and the semester is finally in action. In these times where students are juggling between all of their responsibilities, they may lose themselves—not just physically, but mentally and emotionally, too. Having a healthy state of mind is extremely important, so here are some ways to do that.  


PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

Go to the Gym

Often times, we only consider the gym when we want to get physically fit, but studies show that working out is healthy for the mind too. Clear your head by getting on the treadmill, participating in a yoga class, or attending a Zumba session.


PHOTO: Cassidy Clark

Seize the Day

Do you ever wake up really late, rush out the door, forget something at home, and your whole day becomes a mess? We’ve all been there. Have a healthier state of mind by getting up in the morning, playing calming (or energizing) music and taking time to prepare yourself for the rest of the day. It can be difficult to for those who aren’t morning people, but getting into this habit can reduce the chaos that occurs when you’re not on top of your schedule.  


PHOTO: Cassidy Clark

Plan Ahead

Telling you to buy a planner and color coding everything can sound cliché, but it is something that should be reinforced. Organization is the foundation to health. Whether that be setting a workout schedule, cleaning your room, or arranging times to complete certain tasks, it all revolves around staying organized. So buy a planner, write out your deadlines even if they’re a month away, and generate new ways to find stability.


PHOTO: Layne Miller

Put the Phone Down

As we all know, we are constantly on social media liking photos, retweeting, and texting in group chats. This affects many aspects of our lives, especially our relationships. Take time to hang out with friends, leave the phone on airplane mode, and just talk. Communication is key, and doing this will create a stronger bond between your friends, which is so important when aiming for a healthy state of mind.

PHOTO: Jordyn Wissert

Know your worth

Social media can also affect how you view yourself. Constantly following and admiring people opens the door to comparison, allowing for us to feel lower than we really are. Having a healthy state of mind includes confidence and self-worth, which is something we must work toward. This can be done by reading inspiring books, putting yourself around loving people, and catching yourself when you’re thinking negatively. It will always feel like a process, but being healthy is a lifestyle.

Health is more than eating right and involves commitment, but with these few tips, you will be on your way to healthy living in no time. Have any advice on how you find ways to be healthy? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured photo by Cassidy Clark.