#GuruGang—The Ultimate Way To Celebrate Your Besties!

We are all about F-words here at CollegeFashionista. Friendship, fashion and fun, just to name a few. (Why? What F-word were you thinking of?)

Having a BFF is as essential to life as water, air and Snapchat. Because every Leslie needs an Ann; every Kendall needs a Gigi. You know—that partner in crime that speaks your same dialect of emoji, is always down for brunch plans and tags you on Instagram photos with the comment “same though.”

Today we (and the rest of America) celebrate this special relationship with probably one of the nation’s most important and honored holidays—National Best Friends Day. To celebrate, CollegeFashionista is inviting our Style Gurus, their friends and any and all fashionable groups of Fashionistas/os to show off and humble brag about their friendship on social media using the hashtag #GuruGang.

How exactly should you celebrate National Best Friends Day with your fabulous group of friends? Here are four easy steps to ensure the ultimate BFF extravaganza:

1. If you are not already, become BFFs with a Style Guru. This shouldn’t be too hard. Who doesn’t want a fiercely-dressed, social media-obsessed, super RAD bestie? (And while you are at it, apply to be a Style Guru yourself!)

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 2.36.44 PM

2. Make plans to do something fun to celebrate your friendship. Go for a tandem bike ride. Lady and the Tramp a bowl of spaghetti. Or cozy up in your twin bed and Netflix binge a season of “Friends.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 2.37.11 PM

3. Snap a photo of you and your friends being your fun, fashionable selves.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 2.37.00 PM

4. Post the photo on Instagram using the hashtag #GuruGang. Be sure to tag @CFashionista as well!

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 2.36.21 PM

Oh, and to make sure your National Best Friends Day is even sweeter, we are going to select our favorite, most creative #GuruGang and gift each bestie in the photo $100 to his or her favorite store! For more information, including the official rules and how to enter, click here.

Be sure to check out all the gaggles of well-dressed besties, today and always, on social media using the hashtag #GuruGang!