A Guide to a Not So Typical Tourist Stay in Madrid

July 24th, 2017 at 2:00am

Madrid is one of the most beautiful destinations in all of Spain. Since my family lives here, I have visited a couple of times and already seen all the tourist destinations. However, this time I convinced myself to actually explore and discover more of what Madrid has to offer, rather than just staying home or walking the same route to work. Here are five not so typical tourist things to do in Madrid.

1—Theater. I have always loved to go to the theater, so why not go to one in Spain? The play I saw was called Prefiero Que Seamos Amigos, which consisted of two friends who had a quirky and funny way of demonstrating their love for each other. It was a romantic comedy that kept the audience (well, me at least) very entertained all throughout. If you’re ever in Madrid, I highly recommend going to the theater!

2—Wine and dine. Instead of going to famous restaurants, I decided to explore different areas and go to local places that aren’t as popular or well-known. One of my absolute favorites was called Juana La Loca. Not only was the food absolutely divine, but the service and atmosphere were great.

3—Yoga at Debod Temple. I heard about yoga classes being taught at the Debod Temple, and of course, I could not resist signing up. What better way to immerse yourself in the Spanish culture than to sweat it out in front of a historical landmark? Plus, it was such a refreshing way to de-stress from a hard day at the office.

4—New Streets. During my time in Madrid, I was accustomed to the same route every day, so I decided to get lost and see where the streets would take me. Much to my surprise, I discovered so many streets with beautiful scenery that I had never seen before. There were so many small family-owned stores, fruit stands, flower shops, graffiti walls, and more!  Every single street had a different story to tell, and I couldn’t wait to continue exploring. My advice? Get lost, wander around! You’ll be amazed by what you might discover.

5—Nightlife. Like every 20-year-old, I decided to go out and enjoy the Spanish nightlife. We started the night at a small Spanish bar called Leka Leka famously known for their mojitos. The place was full of youngsters in their twenties, and it has a very relaxed vibe. My friend and I decided to continue the night at a rooftop bar called Tartán, which is located in the center of Madrid. It has the most amazing view, and it was the perfect end to my amazing week.

Have you ever been to Madrid before? Do you have any suggestions of other things to do? Let me know in the comments below!