My 5 Favorite Products for Great Summer Skin

August 18th, 2017 at 2:00am

Excluding makeup wipes, my skin routine begins every night with Neutrogena Rapid Clear Treatment Pads. I have extremely sensitive skin, and these haven’t irritated it at all. While they are gentle enough for my sensitive skin, they also manage to control oil and acne! Honestly, they’ve changed my skin immensely and I love them. After I give the solution from the pads time to soak in to my skin a little, I apply my favorite moisturizer. On top of having sensitive skin, I’ve been struggling with extremely dry skin as well. Going to school in New York hasn’t helped either; between the dry, cold winters, and the radiators, my skin has been drier than ever. I bounced between a couple types of lotions for months before finding my current favorite. The First Aid Beauty cream has changed my life as far as dryness goes. FAB’s cream hasn’t irritated my skin in the slightest and keeps me from waking up with dry, flaky skin. I was hesitant at first to spend so much on an over night moisturizer, but I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this stuff by the vat!

After a good night’s sleep (if all goes well) my routine continues in the morning. One of the biggest problems I had with my skin was that it would start out well hydrated, but begin to flake horribly by the end of the day. It drove me crazy! Glossier’s Super Glow has changed that, and it feels great on my skin. As with my other products, it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin, and it keeps my skin from drying out during the day. The lightweight serum goes on first in the morning and takes a few seconds to sink in, but once it does your skin feels amazing. After the serum has completely absorbed I apply Aveeno’s Clear Complexion moisturizer. It has salicylic acid in it along with the moisturizer to help keep oil and acne at bay. Even during the day! As you can probably tell by now, I love to load up on moisturizer. I finish off my skin routine with Cera Ve sunscreen with SPF 50. This stuff is thick, and a little goes a long way. While it looks horribly white when you first put it on, it’ll massage in quickly!

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