May 25th, 2015 at 2:00am
CollegeFashionista is all about celebrating the class of 2015! From our senior Style Gurus to our fourth year Fashionstas to our graduating readers, this class has helped shape CollegeFashionista and inspire thousands of people.
We have been fortunate enough to have some rockstar fashion influencers and icons dispensing advice to CollegeFashionista’s class of 2015. Amy Astley needs no introduction. As the Editor-in-Chief of Teen Vogue, Astley is definitely someone we look to as a leader on all things fashion-, editorial- and social media-related. We don’t know what impresses us most about Astley— her role and resume or her poise, generosity and work ethic. Either way, she is definitely someone with indispensable advice on how to not just make it, but thrive in the competitive world of fashion journalism.
Astley shares her five secrets for success to our graduating seniors.
1. Build your careerNo one is going to just offer you a career; you need to learn to build it on your own, cultivate it and take care of it. When others see that you are dedicated, loyal, hard-working and won’t quit—they will reward you.
2. Always be open to re-evaluating where you areIt’s important to be self-aware and to know when something isn’t the best fit. Never be afraid to alter your path.
3. Be assertiveEvery business needs new ideas, creative thoughts and inspiring leaders. Take risks, be a problem solver and step-forward when work needs to be done. Those types of people are invaluable to companies.
4. Take your timeAvoid focusing on promotion and climbing the ladder when you’re just starting off. Learn as much about the company and the people working there as you can. Absorb everything!
5. Network with your peersDon’t fixate on impressing or meeting the senior people in your organization when first starting a job. If you work hard and earn the respect of your peers, word will get around that you’re a valuable employee and higher-ups will hear the positive buzz—guaranteed!