4 Easy Tricks To Speed Up Your Morning Beauty Routine

October 12th, 2017 at 1:00am

One of the most difficult aspects of college is time management. When your alarm goes off at 7 a.m., your class is at 8 a.m., and you have a 15-minute walk to get there, your time to get ready is limited. Some days you may feel like you are in such a rush that you cannot possibly get through your morning routine, get dressed, and make it to class on time. Here are my tips to simplify and streamline your morning beauty routine that will still have you feeling glossy.

skip the eyeliner

If you are like me, it takes you a solid 10 or more minutes to line out a good wing. Try going eyeliner-free for class one day. Just a dash of mascara will have your eyes popping for your morning lecture or afternoon study break.

try a skin tint and blush 

A touch of skin tint and a little bit of blush can provide the right amount of coverage needed for class. Leave a full face of makeup for nights weekends when you have a bit more time on your hands.

PHOTO: Kaitlyn Antoniadis

opt for tinted chapstick 

Keep a tube of this in your bag so you can apply it during the walk to class—multitasking is always the way to go when you have a busy schedule. Plus, it is practical while still adding a bit of color to your simplified look. If you are feeling extra glitzy, throw some clear gloss on top for some additional shine.

keep a highlighter handy

While highlighter is perfect for your cheeks and contouring, it is great to use on your eyes too. Swipe a little bit of shine over your eyelids instead of eyeshadow—simply cutting back on how many products you use can help speed up the makeup application process.

What’s your morning routine and go-to beauty look like? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured photo by Ali Bell.


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