Glitter, Sparkles, and Shiny Things 101

School is done for the semester, and regardless if you’re taking summer classes or not, the summer is the perfect time to learn and refine those skills that serve a more personal interest. The topic for today’s lesson is beauty on anything that twinkles or shines. When the concept of face highlighter first started popping up, it didn’t take much convincing for me to get on board. As someone who has been saying her favorite color is silver since she was three years old, I’ll take any excuse to add extra shimmer wherever I can. This is how I became a highlighter connoisseur and self-proclaimed expert. However, while most people were complaining about certain products containing glitter that was too chunky, I was scoping out the market because I couldn’t find one whose glitter was chunky enough.

Highlighter is great because most people love to glow. My approach to it is to go big or go home. I love all things sparkly, glittery, metallic, etc, so as I was testing out tens of different highlighters, I kept thinking that there had to be some way to step it up. My coworker used to always wear gold star stickers on her face, and that’s when I started to realize all that cosmetic glitter I had for my eyes could easily work as very sparkly highlighter on my face. All I needed was a glitter glue to adhere it, and bam, I was in business. After a while basic glitter became blasé, and I did a big glitter haul at the craft store, which is where I got the jar of these fabulous little stars.

I want to always make a statement with my appearance. Sometimes my clothes get plain (as I love basic striped shirts and these girlfriend jeans so much) and I need some other catharsis to brighten up my day. Some people give me weird looks, but tons of people compliment me while I’m at work. I mainly do it for myself, though, because glitter is very nostalgic to me. It reminds me of happiness and purity and that everything just might be okay if you sprinkle a few more sparkles on it.

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