A Girl's Guide to Glowing Skin

June 12th, 2017 at 2:00am

“I don’t want natural radiance and glowing skin,” said no Fashionista ever! What if I told you that this summer you won’t have to apply a million glowing skin products to achieve a natural glow? A natural glow begins with achieving the right skin care routine. Check out the two-step process to achieve glowing skin.

natural radiance

1—Luminous Skin Care

Skin care is key. Think of your face as a flower. You need to maintain the soil to have the flower nourish. Skincare does just that, it nourishes your skin from within.

TonerPixie By Petra Glow Tonic ($15)

Toners are used to get rid of any excess dirt, oil, or makeup on your face. The Glow Tonic has 5 percent glycolic acid which removes dead skin, and treats acne, blackheads, and dullness—yes, please! It’s not harsh on the skin, so it won’t leave your skin feeling stripped away of its natural oils. You will become obsessed with this product if you aren’t already!

MoisturizerMario Badescu Oil Free Moisturizer ($28)

After your face is all squeaky clean from the toner we can to add moisturizer. Remember, even though it’s summer, your skin still needs to be replenished from any moisture lost (nourish that soil). I know how much we all want our Vitamin D, so thankfully Mario had us in mind and made this product with 30 SPF to protect us from harmful UV rays. What a great guy.

OilMario Badescu Rose Hips Nourishing Oil ($22)

Using oil in the summer? Goodness no! Well Fashionistas, think again! Using this product will help add luster to your skin. It will help with dry patches and redness.

Quick Tip: If you find that your face is oily, apply the oil to your skin first and allow it to sink in, whereas if you have a dry complexion it may be better suited to using moisturizer, then oil.

2—Enhance Your Skin

PrimerToo Faced Hangover Rx ($15)

You can apply this just for the coconut water and probiotics (used to promote radiance and elasticity) or use it to help keep your makeup in place. It will give dull skin that boost to radiate through your summer adventures.

ConcealerAqua Luminous Perfecting Concealer ($30)

This concealer isn’t heavy and blends like a dream. I use it for spot treatment. It’s literally your skin but better. What more could us Fashionistas want?

HighlighterMaybelline Master Strobing Liquid Highlighter ($10)

And finally, the cherry on top—add this to your cheek bones to have the sun bounce off your face to create a glistening effect. A little goes a long way, remember!

Glowing Skin Products

I hope these products bring out your inner fab girl as they have for me. Remember, a girl’s got to glow. Tag @CFashionista on social media and show us how you glow!