Get Tangled Into Knots and Nets This Summer.

June 15th, 2017 at 2:00am
Get Tangled Into Knots and Nets This Summer.

With the beautiful weather coming around the corner, our dreams of tying the knot and tangling our toes in fishnets are back! Ladies, I am talking about breaking out your printed T-shirts, loose button-downs, and those T-shirt dresses hiding in the back of the closet. You know the ones—they lie between too short of a dress and too long of a shirt. Then go rummaging through your old Halloween costumes to pull out some fishnets. It’s time to dust them off because a great simple way to spruce up your wardrobe is simply by tying a knot and pulling on some netting.

Knotting 101

If you haven’t already purchased shirts pre-knotted then here’s a little tip on what shirts work best. The key is shirts that have a little give, so look for material willing to stretch. If that must-wear shirt won’t cooperate, try splashing a little water on the shirt, then twist and pull it and try to knot again. Certain shirts will not work for front knots but don’t be discouraged, simply try a side knot instead. You can never go wrong when using a T-shirt dress! The material is usually stretchy and you have plenty of fabric to work with. This styling tip is perfect for upcoming heat waves. You can show off just a bit of your midriff or go old school Britney in a tied button-down. Yes, this trend has been around for a while, but it’s just too good to leave out of your looks. Miley Cyrus herself wore a white bohemian, off-the-shoulder crop top with a tie knot in her VMAs performance. She has been revamping her style into a softer summer look for her new single Malibu. Trust me, tie that knot and add it to your summer 2017 playlist.


Fishnets are a needed add-on to your summer ensembles. While you may have your concerns about nets being too risqué, with the right outfits you can pull this look off without sending the wrong signal. Grab some of your favorite distressed jeans, pull on some fishnet stockings, and throw on your favorite top. Personally, I wear my favorite tie-knot, crop top, or a mesh shirt and let the fishnet’s waistband show. Instead of a belt, you now have the nets hugging your hips and accentuating your curves. If you want to stand out, try a fishnet catsuit! Yes, embrace a full fishnet suit under a cute dress or dare to be bold with just a bralette, letting the fishnet suit act as a mesh shirt. Pull on a skirt or some distressed jeans to complete the look. Fishnets can even help you spruce up your shoe style. Pick up some netted socks to wear with your favorite peep-toe shoes and give them an edgy look. Still on the side lines about netting? Then pre-netted jeans and shorts are the way to go. You can still have a little edge to your summer style without all the fuss and still pull off an edgy summer look.


With these two tips, your summer ensembles are bound to turn heads. Whether you choose to tie the knot with a classic T-shirt or pull on some fishnet socks to enhance your shoes, remember to enjoy the summer in style.

Will you tie the knot or tangle your toes in some netting? Know any tips to tying the perfect knot or another way to pull off netting? Show us by tagging @Cfashionista on social media.