Get an Instagram-Ready Bedroom on a Budget

As a student that went away for college, I have experienced firsthand how much your tastes in home décor can change in the time you’re away. Every summer, I have come home aching to change the colors of my walls, the layout of my room, and splurge on décor. This year, I came home with a goal to stay way more organized and not spend a ton of money while wanting to switch up my room a bit.

I went around to several different stores, dragging my sister along with me to talk me out of making impulse purchases. I ended up at a Marshalls and HomeGoods megastore, where I found anything and everything I needed, and bonus—at ridiculously affordable prices.

My main goal was to find something to organize my makeup (palettes, brushes, skincare, etc.). It was a more difficult task than I had expected, but once I saw this acrylic drawer organizer, I couldn’t think of anything more perfect. I can see everything in each drawer, while having it be beyond aesthetically pleasing—especially because of the beautiful handles on the drawers. I was sold when I looked at the price tag and saw that it was 50 percent off on clearance.

I have a weakness for canvas art and wall décor, so you can most likely always find me in that section of any store. This time was no different. I picked up this #girlboss canvas for only $16, as well as another smaller one for $8. I replaced the darker, black and white canvas that was on my wall with the white one, and the change it made was crazy. 

My biggest secret for those working with a budget is to seriously look through the clearance section of these discount stores. There are so many hidden gems in these sections for just a few dollars. I picked up this cup for around $5 knowing it was perfect for holding all of my makeup brushes. I also found this marble print square jar for $10, which I’ve been using for my lotion, body sprays and deodorant. I have been obsessing over this since my stuff is no longer scattered all over my table—plus it’s marble, how can you not love it?

Trust me, I am not exaggerating when I say that my room has a totally new atmosphere to it just by changing up a few things! Try it for yourself!

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