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Dear Freshman—Here's What You Need To Know, According to College Seniors.

January 26th, 2017 at 2:00am

Seniors across the country are preparing for their final semester of college. It’s a time of “lasts,” mixed emotions, and tons of reflection on how you spent the past few years.

You learn a lot during your four years of college—and most of it doesn’t happen in the classroom. (Sorry, professors!) From personal growth to mistakes made and lessons learned, so much happens in those four years you wouldn’t have expected nor anticipated.

So as our seniors embark of their last semester, we asked them to reflect on what they wish they would have known way back when their college journey began. Check out what advice our senior Style Gurus would give to freshmen on how to have a successful, full, and fun time at college.

Carsen Trinkino, DePauw University

“I wish I had known to join more clubs and be more active in my college community! As a freshman, I was scared about not knowing anyone since I was an out-of-state student in a primarily in-state school, so I didn’t put myself out there until sophomore year. If I had done more to be involved my freshman year, I know that I would have had a different college experience.”

Anna Burbano, University of Florida

“Be fearless in pursuing your own passions! You never know what you’re actually capable of until you push yourself to success. Just last semester, I realized that I wanted to chase after the elusive fashion magazine journalist career. I left my timidity behind me and signed up for as many writing positions as I could.”

Elizabeth Morales, DePauw University

“Get involved in everything you can as early as you can. Take advantage of all the clubs and organizations your school has to offer; if your school doesn’t have a club catered to your interest, start it yourself! Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and try something new either. College is a time for exploration and finding out what makes you, you. There are so many things I discovered that I’m interested in, but that took me years to realize when I could have started exploring these interests freshman year.”

Rachel Park, University of California – San Diego

“Don’t be afraid to try out new things! You’d be surprised at how many new friends you can make because it really doesn’t matter who you’ve been in high school—what matters is who you can be now! It’s a great way for people to get a fresh start!”

Valerie Cammack, Kent State University

“My advice is to realize that everyone else is just as clueless as you. It’s so important to go into every new situation with an open mind and a positive attitude! Also, try to make at least one friend in every class. You’ll always have someone to get notes from, or they could be your next best friend!”

Kelsey Knepler, University of Wisconsin-Madison

“Try out as many new things as possible. Don’t be afraid of failing; just put yourself out there and the rest will always work itself out.”

Peyton Lee, York College of Pennsylvania

“Wake up early enough for class so that you’re not rolling out of bed half awake! It takes so long to be awake enough to pay attention to your lectures. Give yourself enough time to get food and drink some coffee to start your day!”