Forward: Introducing our May Mood Board

Forward: Introducing our May Mood Board

While May falls in the middle of the calendar year, it is a month marked by endings and new beginnings. The classroom finals and season finales; the beginning of warm weather fashion and internship season. Most notably, this month marks the end of the school year and, for about a quarter of you out there, graduation. It’s a momentous time to say the least.

You spend four years of college preparing for “what happens next.” Change can be intimidating, of course; but it is also incredibly exhilarating. all at the same time. Whether you are entering the “real world,” starting a new internship, or beginning to map out your summer plans, there is a lot to look forward to. Embrace the challenge, possibilities, and unknown with optimism and open arms.

Throughout the month, we will be posting our favorite images to encourage you to embrace the forward momentum. Be sure to check out CF on Instagram to get a glimpse into how our community is evolving this month and to snap up our May moodboard backgrounds to help inspire you wherever you go.

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