How to Follow the Country Western Aesthetic in a Modern Way

July 13th, 2017 at 2:00am
How to Follow the Country Western Aesthetic in a Modern Way

High-waisted denim Levi shorts are probably one of my favorite articles of clothing for the summer—I view them as a multipurpose article of clothing. You can wear them to the beach over your swimsuit or you can wear them to a concert with a crop top and some Converse. You can even wear them to a fancy dinner if you pair them with a nice blouse, some fancy wedges, and some bold jewelry. That is only the beginning—trust me, the list goes on and on.

This Fashionista decided to pair her high-waisted Levis with a gingham long sleeve crop top from Zara. She accessorized with a simple leather belt, some silver bangle bracelets, and some heeled pointed toe booties. I love this look, especially for the summer, because it is not only cute but also comfortable. This look is perfect for a concert or even just for brunch with some friends downtown!

However, this Fashionista wanted to add a little spunk to the simple gingham blouse and booties. Rather than throwing on a pair of un-ripped blue-washed Levi shorts, she decided to throw on her Levis with rips and triangular cut-outs on each side of the leg. Shorts with side cut-outs are a great way to add some flair to the outfit. Another perk of side cut-out shorts is that they typically vibe with all different kinds of body shapes because of the way they accentuate the upper leg.

Now, let’s talk about the title of this article and how it relates to this Fashionista’s specific outfit. Country western attire usually consists of thick belts, denim jeans or shorts, cowboy hats, and cowboy boots. Although this look does not follow all of the above components of western attire, it does follow a few but in a modernized way. The pointed booties mirror the typical cowboy boots, the high-waisted ripped denim Levis mirror the denim jeans or shorts, and lastly, the gingham cropped blouse somewhat mirrors cowboy flannels. This look, in my opinion, is the perfect look for summer!

How do you guys feel about this Fashionista’s modern approach to country western attire? Let me know in the comments below!