Florals? For Summer? Groundbreaking

“Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.”  Any Fashionista who has ever seen The Devil Wears Prada knows this classic Miranda Priestly line. Of course, florals always take over during the spring months, but did you know they can also blossom into the summer? The summer of 2017 is all about being bold, so be a bold Fashionista in bloom. Now that’s groundbreaking.

Usually, when people think of florals, they think of girly, flowery dresses. There is nothing better than putting on a beautiful sundress for warm weather after the long winter months and strutting your stuff. Whether you are a Fashionista who prefers a romper or a sundress, a bright floral print can make any day a little sunnier. This Fashionista sports a big boho necklace and a black lacy bralette with her floral romper. This look is perfect for lunch out with friends, a summer barbecue, or just out and about.

However, not all fashionistas enjoy such a feminine style. Have no fear: florals have no gender and are not exclusively for girly looks. You can still rock a floral with, what I like to call, a “dad on vacation” floral top, or a flowery button down, like this fashionista flaunted. This Fashionista pairs her flowery button down with jean short overalls and a white lacy bralette. This look could be for attending a hot summer festival or even exploring a new city.

Not everyone wants to be a flower goddess, but that does not mean you have to ignore florals all together. Ascots are back and better than ever. Pairing a floral ascot with a solid outfit and some chic shades can be the simplest way to tie an outfit together. This look is perfect to take you from day to night.

Whether you are going to brunch, a graduation party or vacation, florals will definitely put a spring in your step throughout the summer months. Fear not Miranda Priestly, nor florals this summer, Fashionistas!