Flirty in Fringe

Trends come and go just like the seasons do. We find ourselves latching onto them as quickly as we drop them. We’ve seen it all. From shirt dresses, to off-the-shoulder tops, and even mini denim skirts, fashion bloggers and A-list celebrities have been caught rocking these trends just like we have. Everyone has their favorites from year-to-year, but the recent return of the ‘70s-inspired attire has me putting this as my go-to look. This Fashionista hit the nail on the head with her groovy sense of style. I totally dig it!

It can sometimes be a challenge to make an old trend up-to-date and fresh. Her use of the ‘70s tie-dye pattern in the top and fringe texture in the scarf add depth, while the cool tones in the white and blue shades make this look easy on the eyes. She decided to tuck in her top to accentuate her waist, add dimension, and break up her pieces. It’s important to remember that mixing colors, patterns, and textures can be fun and eye-catching in any look, especially when recreating an old trend.

While it would be an easy pick to grab a pair of flared jeans, she decided to modernize her look with white joggers. Her personal touch has this Fashionista on top of her style game. Her tan, suede lace-up flats add a fun twist and addition to her outfit. Instead of picking a chunky heel to match the ‘70s go-to shoe, she went with a current trend to complete her look. Mixing decades is another great way to give your ensemble character and a fresh appearance.

Trends change in a blink of an eye. It’s what makes fashion exciting! From decade to decade, we find iconic looks to recreate in the future. Fashionistas/os always know how to make it their own. They are the kings and queens of style personalization.

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