A Flare for Retro Visonaries

Festival season has arrived and you’re desperately scanning your closet to find the cutest outfit for your favorite slightly over budget music festival. Good news, you won’t have to look any further than your own closet or local thrift store. Take a page out of your mom’s college photo album, grab some vintage flare jeans, and turn it around to make the hottest boho chic throwback outfit. Take that, Vanessa!

Flare jeans have been out on the runway since spring 2015 after a long hiatus. I remember when they first came back in style. I never knew a pair of jeans could be such a taboo topic. People would talk about how they are not ready to put their skinny jeans in the back of the closet just yet. A year later, it became more mainstream. Every fashionable chick on the block was rocking a pair of flared jeans. Well, my friends, I am here to say that flare jeans are not over yet. I love the style so much I decided to bring back the flare for summer 2017. To style this look I am wearing American Eagle Outfitters flare jeans and a handmade crochet halter top from Etsy. It took me a while, but I finally said goodbye to skinny jeans and hello to a different kind of cut; flare jeans. These jeans allow for the breeze to ease the pain of being in the hot sun all day; there’s something your skinny jeans couldn’t do! Pair your flare jeans with a simple halter top keeping the ‘70s theme and you’re good to go! Watch as your retro style turns heads.

Now let’s talk accessories. Every festival look would be incomplete without the perfect accessories to go with it. I chose to pair my retro ‘70s look with a classic decade staple: tan leather. From the southern style double belt to the purse to the Michael Kors shoes, tan leather makes a comeback in my festival look. A gold layered bar pendant necklace, and a variety of Alex and Ani bracelets in gold and silver accentuate my look by adding a bit of contrast to the jeans and my crochet top. My black scrunchie gives me some ‘90s vibes, reminding me what decade I was actually born in. Seriously, ladies, scrunchies have saved my life at outdoor music festivals. Sunglasses are probably the most important fashion statement at a music festival so you want to make sure you’re wearing shades that will stand out in a crowd. These blue mirrored sunglasses cost me a total of $10 at a street stand in California. See, looking this cute can be affordable!

So before you head out and buy some ridiculously overpriced outfit to out beat Vanessa Hudgen’s look at your local Coachella-type fest, make sure you check to see what you have in the depths of your own closet first. You may have a hidden retro look you could pull off!

How do you wear your flare jeans? Sound off in the comments below!