Five Minutes with Dominique Cosmetics Founder Christen Dominique

February 5th, 2019 at 5:34pm

Most beauty bloggers and vloggers stay within the digital realm. We get insider tips and ideas through videos, posts, stories, and the occasional collab. Makeup artist turned vlogger turned makeup mogul, Christen Dominique took her ideas and ran with them, refusing to stop at a YouTube channel and an Instagram profile. Her expertise as a freelance makeup artist and her drive for success resulted in her very own makeup line—Dominique Cosmetics.

When it comes to all things beauty, Christen knows her stuff. What makes her content even better is the contrast between her skillful makeup application and her humorous bloopers. She’s relatable and real, and she never fails to create content that makes viewers feel capable of replicating what she does. But don’t take our word for it. Her 4 million plus YouTube subscribers and her 1.5 million Instagram followers speak volumes about her ability to produce the quality content (and products) we all want and need.

Christen’s path wasn’t easy. She wasn’t gifted with loads of money, luck or fame to get her to the top. Aside from her fabulous beauty tips, tricks, and techniques, it was her passion that really pushed her to materialize her goals and make them real. Her hustle inspires us, which is why were so excited about the opportunity to ask her about her career, how she deals with negative comments, and what makeup mistakes we should avoid.

Can you explain your career trajectory? How did you start vlogging? How did you develop your own line of cosmetics?

I started as a part-time freelance makeup artist in Houston, Texas while working as a full-time insurance representative, mother, wife, and student. During this time, I was expanding my makeup kit and bought a professional eyeshadow palette. As I was using the palette on clients, I noticed the pans were small and that it didn’t have all the colors I needed to create the looks I wanted. I realized then that I wanted to create a multipurpose palette with large pans and shades that were fun and complemented one another.

As my family grew, I knew the time I could dedicate to freelance jobs would be limited. My clients then suggested I create YouTube videos to teach them tips and tricks, which would still allow me to practice my artistry. I fell in love with creating content and took that creativity to the next level with storytelling while doing makeup.

I decided to take a chance and move to LA to create content full-time, as I noticed my number of subscribers was growing. I was fully invested in teaching viewers my makeup techniques, while also opening up about my personal life.

After creating content for awhile, I was at a point where I was ready for another passion project. This new endeavor was creating my cosmetic brand Dominique Cosmetics. It’s a dream that the products are available at Sephora, and it makes me so happy to read the reviews from my customers.

What’s your smoothie/juice bar order?

A simple strawberry smoothie is my favorite go-to!

Best place you’ve ever traveled to, and the next spot on your list?

My most favorite spot I’ve traveled to is definitely Bora Bora. The clear beautiful water and view there have my heart! I’d love to go to Iceland next and capture those beautiful northern lights.

What are three makeup products you’ll never go without?

I cannot live without a full coverage concealer, brow pencil, and lip balm.

You’re only allowed to use one social platform for the rest of your life, which one do you pick?

I would choose Instagram because it’s instant and easy. I love that you can post snippets of your life and keep up with people easily.

What are your methods for dealing with negative comments and criticism?

I choose to completely ignore negative comments and don’t think about them unless it’s constructive criticism.


Do you have a no-fail list of things you can do when you’re feeling burnt out or overwhelmed? What are they?

When I’m feeling burnt out or overwhelmed I take a step back, relax, and go back to it later. I find that if I let myself feel “over it” or get a creative block than nothing comes from that. However, when I take a day break or a few hours to myself then ideas tend to start flowing.

What’s your go-to dinner date outfit when you’re in a pinch? What about your go-to interview look?

My go-to date night look is anything black and fitted with bold wing lashes and nude brown lips. My go-to interview look is a blazer, fitted skinny trousers, and heels with natural, minimalistic makeup.


How do you come up with new looks? Do you get inspired by people/events/places? Do you simply just experiment until you get something you like?

I get inspired by going through my Instagram explore feed and playing with different products until I come up with something.

What are the biggest mistakes you see people do with makeup? What are some quick fixes?

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to makeup, however I would say that it is important to always make sure you blend with a beauty blender. Use a moist beauty blender all over the face to instantly smooth the makeup on your eyes and cheeks for a flawless finish.

Vlogging and social media in general are so oversaturated. What’s your advice for young women (and men) just starting out who want to stand out and make a name for themselves?

I would say have fun with it, don’t be afraid to be yourself, and don’t take it too seriously. I think imperfections are what make people beautiful. And when doing makeup always remember to not be afraid to make mistakes because that’s when you learn, relate to others, and then give great advice!


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